Sunday, October 23, 2016


Not only am I practicing some techniques for drawing faces but I am also learning new words, like impetus. For someone like myself this combination is heaven!


[im-pi-tuh s] 

nounplural impetuses.
a moving force; impulse; stimulus:
The grant for building the opera house gave impetus to the city'scultural life.
(broadly) the momentum of a moving body, especially with referenceto the cause of motion.

Yes, I am enjoying day 2 of Jane Davenports book called Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces. I am picking up some pointers on drawing hair which has always been, well, not difficult, but stifling for me? I am trying to be looser and more flowing and Jane definitely has that down to a T.

I love using my previous backgrounds I created using my Gel Press® plate along with the alcohol inks. The blog post for making this background can be found HERE. I used the one on the right...the one on the left is too pretty to cover far. lol 

I love the way the designs from the alcohol inks rise up through the acrylic paint so you get all that painterly layering...the easy way! I chose to do the white highlights in the eyes with lettering, and yes it's hard to read but  I really like how it looks. It says..I have impetus...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope we all have impetus today.
 Make your move in the right direction today!


Unknown said...

Love this one even more than yesterdays

tartantaz said...

ooooh lovely I have Jane Davenports beautiful faces too. I love her style. You have captured your style fantastically using her techniques. Great stuff :) T x

Jean said...

You are rocking these!

Jrodgers50 said...

What a way to start my morning. A cup of coffee and your beautiful blog. Thank you for my inspiration today.

From the woods of East Texas.

Byrd Street Studio said...

How pretty. Love that you wrote in her eye light.