Sunday, October 2, 2016

A charming gift box for a friend

I'm not really going into how I made this yet as this was my practice before making a tutorial over on Gel Press®. However, I couldn't wait to show some pictures of how it turned out.

I really enjoyed painting my box using the gel plate along with my DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface paints.

I love the way the butterfly hovers above the flower and the heavy gem button is perfect for keeping the end of the ribbon hanging down.

I also did the inside of the box too, but next time I am going to use a smaller pattern for the inside.

The last really cool thing is making matching tissue paper to wrap the gift in.

All in all I can count this trial run a success and will make another one along with a step out tutorial soon.


Pam said...

Ooooooo, this is beautiful! Love the colors and swirls and how you paid attention to every detail!

Jean said...

Wow - wish I could get a gift from you:)

Tommy Jo said...

I love that you made matching tissue paper with this box. Would love to get a gift wrapped in this. Also, good idea for weighting the ribbon down with a gemstone. Very creative.