Thursday, September 22, 2016

Scrapbooking again

I use to scrapbook...a lot.
And now I have no excuses not to do it again because Gel Press® has come out with a 12x12" plate for scrapbookers!
awesome, right?
I mean this fulfills 2 needs
1. To record precious moments of my grand-nephew
2. to art! I love making my OWN background papers and all my letter coordinate too which is a bonus, no need to buy everything trying to get it to all match!


Pam said...

Oh, Pierson is adorable and so are your scrapbook pages!

Tommy Jo said...

This spread is so awesome! I stopped paper scrapping a while ago because it was too expensive, but I think I could combine digital and paper scrapping and this technique would be perfect for that.

Jean said...

Glad to see you scrapping again!