Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Just be silly...

Sometimes, it's just fun to let loose and just do something for fun :)
 A good old fashioned distraction from things like...oh...let's say politics! I am so over the anger, the bashing and name calling...and no that's not the politicians I am talking about, that's my "Facebook friends" I am referring to. I have unfollowed so many of them lately because of their political bullying. 

I needed to do something light hearted and silly and with Halloween around the corner I decided to play with my Beatrice Coron - Danse Macabre stencil from Artistcellar. I wish I could tell you I layered everything in the correct order, but nooooo, you know me...let's do everything backwards! lol I did have a paint brayered background to begin with and then I used the stencil, which I used 2 different ways. I outlined it for the "man" and painted the back of the stencil in black paint and pressed it down for the the 2 dancing "goblins". 

Next I tore apart bits of a Gel Press print to create the floor...and yes, I had to cover up parts of what I had done previously because ...well, because I seem to just do things in that kind of order, so after I glued down the "floor" I had to back over with the stencil and redo the bottom part of the legs.

Then, I stenciled the brick background...not so easy stenciling around the skeletons so at least give me points for perseverance! At least I waited and added the Netflix head from their mailing envelope after the background was made...whew, right?
Netflix artist: Jim Seaver

And the last things I did was to stamp and write the journaling along with stenciling some magical bubbles...and doodling a little bit with my white Signo pen...still by far, my favorite white pen!

I am entering my art journal page of pure silliness in


Anna said...

Fun!!! LOL on the Netflix guy! I was wondering who the face belonged to.

Unknown said...

It looks awesome! Dance away!

Virginia L. said...

Art is the best therapy! So glad that you join the fun over Simon Says Stamp Wednesday” Anything Goes” Challenge! Awesome details and design! Super work!

Jean said...

Very creative!

Tommy Jo said...

ok... Halloween is kinda spooky for me and these goblins sort of caught me off guard. Soooo glad they are dancing, but I do believe a little of your dark side is peering through this lighthearted piece..haha the Netflix guy!!!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Sandee,

I agree about FB and politics. A few of my friends have posted things and all of a sudden I wonder "really? you feel that way?" I just don't give it a second glance.

You definitely did a great job on your art journal page! I'll give you points for effort, style and outcome!

I see on your sidebar that you have some kind of art retreat in 9 days? What's that about? You have really been taking off with your wonderful art the last several years. I hope to follow in your footsteps once I retire (July, 2018).