Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Just don't...

I've practiced Blind Drawing throughout my life, even as a child I would draw animals and flowers with my eyes closed, not trying to be blind but seeing if I could remember where I was spatially on the paper without looking. I used to put notebooks on top of my head and draw....I know, I was a weird child.
It's been utilized as an adult when trying to record dreams while still in the dream state under the covers of my warm bed by blindly writing down my recollections while I can still remember them.

So when I saw Carolyn Dube put out the challenge for Blind Painting, I thought I'd give it a go, but I did opt out of using paint and chose gelatos instead which made it a little less messy. I also chose only 2 stencils and 2 colors of gelatos and began on a brayered background of acrylic paint in my journal. I also had to let the gelatos dry so I got to open my eyes and see what it looked like and was very pleased. After it was dry I came back with my gel pens, closed my eyes again and drew a very wonky flower. Looks like something a toddler would draw and I just went with it and colored in the blocked areas with different colors.
Then as I sat looking at my little tiny flower the words "Don't take anything for granted in life" just came to me so I stamped them along the side.


Jean said...

Good idea to use gelatos! I have never tried this but am going to!

Tommy Jo said...

oh my heck, what a cool idea. Haven't done that since I was a kid. Only I wasn't checking spatial anything, I was trying to draw like Helen Keller would. I read about her in elementary school and often times tried to emmulate her disability.I had to peek EVERYTIME!