Wednesday, January 6, 2016

storing brushes

I love storing my brushes, in jar, cup...almost anything...

It all began with this marble pencil holder which had been my fathers. I grew up with it sitting on his desk and just had to have it when he died. It weighs a ton and has doubled as a paper weight on many occasions. This one holds all my extra large brushes easily without any worries of toppling over.

Sometimes the color attracts me as this red mug did. It's actually a Copy Works mug they give away and one day I will decorate it, but until then I love the color and it holds all my acrylic paint brushes.

This was another advertising mug that I painted over with black drippy looking paint, it holds all my water brushes.

And this pretty sparkly one holds all my watercolor brushes....which is just perfect as I think those brushes are extra special.

I have one more I've added to the group but you'll need to pop over to the Arnold Grummer blog to see's draped in a sheet of handmade paper but it might not be what you're expecting...just saying, go take a peak.


Jean said...

Cool! said...

love the new setup of the blog.. and the art uptop... and love the storage cups and jars you have for you brushes.. :)

Karen Letchworth said...

Hi Sandee! This is AWESOME with wonderful colors and textures. It would be PERFECT to share in our challenges at:
V's Sweet Ideas - Non-Traditional Christmas Colors


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