Monday, January 11, 2016

Journal cover

I love my big chunky art journal and I finally got around to making a cover for it too. So excited to be almost finished, I was hoping to have it completed by 2016 but alas, I am about 4 pages shy to completion.

I used some magazine cut outs, stickers, tissue paper, molding paste and paint along with Andy Skinner's Alphabet Spaghetti stencil to create this cover.
 (pretty much everything but the kitchen sink!)

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who likes to view their journal this way too...or is it I weird? If I am then I am happily weird! lol

Any hoo...I begin with the stencil  and some black molding paste and a plan, but as you will see...the best laid plans of mice and men often go

So far sticking to the plan, I decoupaged some tissue paper in the looks so nice and neat...and controlled doesn't it?

Still hanging in there with the plan, taping off my crisp border and adding some acrylic paint to the center.

And then...the oops that changed the course; from nice and neat to - oh what the heck...just keep going girl....see, my tape pulled up the tissue paper so I intentionally went back in and tore up more to LOOK like it was meant to

Then I went back and added more molding paste through the stencil and frankly began liking it so much more than the stiff and controlled start that I began with....and this is the way my mind goes when I creating something...slightly off from where I began!

I took some black paint and went over everything...then wiping it off...adding splotches of gold paint around too...and I also added a Poppy stencil which had been my intention originally except it was going to be in that nice clean center that I messed up....or did I mess it up, or make it look better?

From there I cut out a butterfly from a digital download and cut out some words from a magazine to create a sentiment that fit my journal, and ya know what? I absolutely love the oops and what it turned into. I'm so glad that the mistake happened and even happier that I didn't let it get me down and pushed through!

Entering this in
Simon Says - Stencil It


Shirley said...

I love what you've created. It has such depth in colours and dimension. It's colours has drama and it's very enticing to look at! Thank you Sandee.

Notations of a Crafter said...

Well oops moment or not I think it's fab! As much as I like neatness on a project there is something to be said for random acts of placement lol

Jean said...

Love all the layers!

Unknown said...

Cool background, I like it.

Zoey | Scrapsaurus said...

Hello Sandee... i do not even know where to start commenting this project...
I T I S A M A Z I N G !!!!!

very well done!!!
Thank you so much for playing along with us over Simon Says Stamp Monday Challange!! It was awesome to land on your blog! have a great day! Zoey xx

Skrater said...

This is so cool. Very inspiring!

Suzanne C said...

Love the view both ways. :) The side angle shows how much texture and color you have built into your journal. Love your page the depth of the layers mixed with the strong colors is wonderful. Thanks for playing along with us in the "Stencil" challenge at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!