Friday, June 5, 2015

Southern Flying Squirrel

The southern flying squirrel is 1 of 2 flying squirrels found in North America— the other one is the northern flying squirrel.  Both southern and northern flying squirrels are found in North Carolina, although the northern flying squirrel is rare, occurring at higher elevations on only 5 or 6 mountain ridges in the western part of the state.

Southern flying squirrels live in hardwood and mixed pine-hardwood forests. They require older trees with cavities for roosting and nesting, and in winter readily roost together in surprisingly large numbers. Tree cavities have been found with as many as 50 roosting squirrels. Because of their need for tree cavities for habitat, they are a natural competitor for woodpecker’s homes.

This little guy is sooooooo cute! He can have all the bird seed he wants! I don't have one visit me often so I get excited when I do! lol

The southern flying squirrel is the smallest squirrel in North Carolina.


Pam said...

Oh how cute! I would let him have all the seed he wanted too! I love to watch the squirrels. My dad was born and raised in North Carolina and it was common to eat squirrels. Hard to think someone can look at them and see a meal.

Donna Lueders said...

What a cutie. We have a couple squirrels that are ruining our bird feeders. This is the first year they have been able to get to them and we hang them in the same place every year. But this year because we noticed 2 families of Cardinals, we put out cardinal food.....squirrels love it!

MisS MiKO said...

oh what cute flying rats.. I mean squirrels. They would scare the bejeezes out of me.. Glad you are having fun!!

Carole Z said...

OMG this is soon cute! Hugs Carole Z X