Tuesday, February 18, 2014


A tool used to apply paints and inks to a surface, consisting of hairs, or bristles held in place by a ferrule attached to a handle. The quality of the hair determines the brush’s quality and cost. Each type of brush has a specific purpose, and different fibers are used for different mediums.
I just love this cute little card I whipped up last night using my pipettes, inks and pens. Very simple, very easy and lots of fun!
Isn't that the way it should be?

I firmly believe that the key to this type of art being a success is the outlining, which brings in all the ragged edges and letting your outline be loose. 


Jean said...

Just adorable!

Marlene said...

I really do love this card! This pipette painting is awesome, I just think the look is amazing. As soon as mine come in the mail I am going to give it a try!

Winnie said...

Love how this turned out! I always love your backgrounds and this one is so soft and the fun flower stands out so nicely. Never tried using a pipette. Have to look into trying that!

Pam said...

Beautiful Sandee!

Granny Korner Craftingwithartgrandma said...

Sandee I do love this card and I find this new technique quite interesting and will enjoy playing with it. leaving my blog love on your page today.
Sharon Estes

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Yes it should be fun! I love your colors and your coloring job. The outlining is so much fun. I like that look.

Carole Z said...

Love it Sandee, so pretty and gorgeous, vibrant colours, Carole Z X