Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sundays with Sandee - whisper those 3 little words I want to hear

This was such a fun page to do and although I didn't mean to find a quote that had 3's in it, it just happened....and it made me happy! Simpatico!!

Love, love, love the moon and the owl ♥

The best thing about working with a pipette is how it really frees my style up, I mean you simply cannot be stiff when you have only a limited amount of control. Pipettes are also real good at making ink splatters too.

I really enjoy painting with inks, I think they are very favorite medium. I do spray all my inked pages with Helmar Crystal Kote Varnish to protect them and it really brings out the layers too.

I hope you play along, pick out 3 favorite things and make whatever you want. As always if you want to copy my work, I am more than flattered, I am honored. If you want to see the video of my making the page, then feel free to pop on over to the Frosted Design blog, we love to have you visit.


Pam said...

This is fantastic Sandee! I just love the look and the sentiment is so true.

Marion Armitage said...

This beautiful,, The quote, the colors, and the workmanship.. one of my fav's..

SCarol said...

This is beautiful. I LOVE the moon and the owl too.

Carole Z said...

This is stunning Sandee...fabulous colours and love the quote, Carole Z X

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Three little words I want whispered to me: USE MY CREDITCARD


Love the owl scene. I'm not sure how one paints with pipettes but I'm loving what you did with it here.