Monday, December 19, 2011

My new motto :)

So God wanted me to buy a new flat screen TV today :) Yesterday my old TV ( given to me by my brother cause he knew it was going bad, lol ) just died. Simply shut off, not to be resuscitated! lol Funny that God planned a new blog, and a new TV all in the same week.....I'm afraid to find out what's next?
how do you like my fuzzy bed room shoes? They are really cool, you can leave it folded over or unfold and they cover your calves...but I think they look cute folded over! :) Now I am off to bed to read my Sookie Stackhouse book ( Dead Reckoning, book #11 ) and hopefully get a good nights sleep!

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Pat N. said...

Oh man! I can't believe that your TV went up on you too, Sandee!! But good to see you got a new one--yeah! And I love your slippers!! Nothing like a good pair of fuzzy slippers!! Hang in there!--Pat