Thursday, January 5, 2017

WOTY - adversity

Word Origin and History for adversity
c.1200, aduersite "misfortune, hardship, difficulty," from Old Frenchaversité "adversity, calamity, misfortune; hostility, wickedness, malice"(Modern French adversité), from Latin adversitatem (nominativeadversitas"opposition," from adversus (see adverse ).

Ok, so I will be the first one to admit that "adversity" is a strange word to pick, not the normal uplifting vibe that most want for their word, but for me it fits. I'm a kind of a glass half full kinda gal who doesn't try to let myself get down in the dumps when faced with a challenge or a "bump in the road"...sure, adversity, it happens to all of us but it's how we react to those circumstances that controls who we are.

Now if I could just overcome writing in a straight line, sheesh, I'm even using a straight edge and I manage to still be crooked. lol 


Craftychris said...

Absolutely beautiful page! I think rejoicing in Adversity is cool! So is your seed quote! Really uplifting page! Thank you! xxx

Pakrat said...

Love this and the quote is awesome

Krisha said...

Fantastic journal the quote.
Had to laugh about the writing being straight..........I always end up with slanted writing.....even with a straight edge too!