Monday, June 6, 2016

in love with my Fairy Garden

Yes, I admit it, I am! I love making little things to go in their gardens...did I mention I have more than one Fairy Garden? lol Well, I do! I finally stopped fighting my shady balcony and succumbed to the fairy garden mania. I think designing the miniature accessories remind me being a child again and making furniture for my dollhouses out of matchboxes. They do say that the older you get you start reverting back to your childhood! oh my! lol

So today I made a mushroom door for Petal's garden ( Heaven help me, I am even naming them! ) and I'll give you a sneak peak at what it looks like at night. I bought these tiny fairy lights which are solar powered and they are so cute! So if you are nuts for Fairy Gardens then I hope you pop on over to the Creative Paperclay blog and check me out. Would love to hear from some fellow Fairy Garden know what I mean!

Petal is the purple snail by the way....:)


Craftychris said...

So magical all lit up! I want to go there! xxx

Jean said...

HOw sweet!

Pam said...

I love your beautiful, magical fairy garden!!! The lights look like fireflies! Adorable!