Thursday, March 17, 2016

Trending - coloring books

I see them everywhere, but why not make your own?
It's a lot more fun :)
I did and here is my video on how I made it:

I did learn a couple of things when I made this book.
First off, little letters have a tendency to not stick so well after 5 or so pulls from your Gel plate. It's probably better to have extra sets and clean your plate every so often so they have a better surface to stick to. But I'm stubborn...I persevered!

Next, the crayons tags...I thought I was going to fussy cut each tag at first, this is the tag that is in the front of the book...also with an intro to coloring outside the lines. 

Although I like the crayon tips cut out I figured it would be too much wear and tear on them so for the rest of the Color Outside the Line pages I squared off the top cut.

2 comments: said...

Really live the idea of the coloring/whos who book.. Can I have it???? Great job!!

Jean said...

Thought I already commented but don't see it. What fun