Sunday, March 27, 2016

Art journal flip

I have finally completed my mixed media journal, it has taken me 2½ years to fill up the book, because I also have watercolor journals too. I have a flip slideshow if you want to see all the pages.
my flip video

Now, what have I learned?

One of the worst pages ( I hate it anyway )is the most viewed on Youtube with 823 views is this one....I guess people like to watch angst, lol Maybe I am making them

And that page is going to be one of the least understood pages because it belongs in a group where I did my first "tunnel" through 8 pages, so you can watch it here if you want to see a short tunnel flip. This suppose to be short flip shows why I didn't talk through the whole book flip, it would take me 10 hours once I get to talking...sheesh.

I have learned that not all mediums should be put in a journal no matter how much wax I applied to it the puffy paint still sticks. You can see where his eyebrows and beard are messed up from the page next to it.

That inks and paint can drip into the binding and ruin other pages that you love. :( I did this Rorschach style page...that I rather liked but the binding separated. After it dried I did add some tape to hold it toger and that worked pretty well.

This is the double spread that it messed up...

I learned to get somewhat creative with fixing the other pages where the binding got ruined because I tore out some pages and learned quickly not to do that, that is was way better to cover than to tear out. But I used paper towels that had "pretty" paint or ink as binding fixes and packing tape transfers worked great.

Now, I need to buy another journal and begin again :)


Jean said...

Lots of learning in that journal!

Salnclts said...

I love all the colors! Great artwork! said...

Loving the lots of play.. such grand work!!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Sandee.
Of the ones you share here the cow is my favorite. I watched a video about putting tape in the crack of the pages. You can't tell anything needed fixing so you did a great job!