Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Flower Press Sale..oh my!

Spring is around the corner which means all those pretty flowers we love will be bursting forth from our gardens pretty soon. I love preserving flowers and using them in my crafts, I made a card over on the Arnold Grummer blog today where you can see how I used the tip of a fern. We are currently having a sale on our flower presses and I will make a recommendation to you. 

Get the large Microfleur press and I have 2 reasons why I am recommending this one. 
1. The microwave process is so fast you get instant gratification! 
2. The large one lets you press bigger leaves and flowers. ...can we say bonus?

And I get absolutely nothing for endorsing this sale, just the joy of passing along a bargain :)


Stampn' Papper Scrapper said...

Thats a beautiful card with the fern. I'm sorry, I neglected your blog. I have one too. I think I saw you on there as a friend.

Granny Korner Craftingwithartgrandma said...

Hi Sandee, I love the H20 flowers they are so cute and added a lot to the Canvas you did. I have been behind on my blog comments. As you know I love all your work. Sharon said...

i need flowers to use that though huh?