Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life drawing

I'm doing something new, and loving it!

I think I was more nervous about what to bring, and what would be provided more than anything. In the end I choose a medium size sketch pad, my set of Stabillo pastel pencils, an eraser and a bottle of water. Packed my nerves along with my kit and drove off to mingle among the "real" artists and do a live nude study. 

The first poses were considered warm-ups and they were 3 minute poses. I remember doing this in college (the last time I drew a nude in class) so this didn't bother me, although I would have preferred to skip the warm up and go straight into a longer sketching session because I rarely warm up, but then maybe I should do that more often?
Next we settled into a 2, 30 minute poses and here I was happiest, getting a chance to add a little more detail. I did notice that when the model changed position, some of the artists moved their postions also to get better angles. Me? I stay right where I am regardless of the angle being good or not, I figure I'll learn more if I draw whatever I am given.
foreshortening : portray or show (an object or view) as closer than it is or as having less depth or distance, as an effect of perspective or the angle of vision

I was very happy to have my different colors with me so that I could use the colors to add depth and interest to my drawing. She is actually sitting in a chair with one foot propped up on an ottoman, but I didn't have time to draw everything in.

Then we switched to 2 20 minute poses...frankly I would have preferred a longer pose of 40 minutes, to really focus on details. We all had smiles on our faces during this set as the model was falling asleep.

The last pose, I see my fingers are covered with pastel dust, and I need to add wipes of some sort to my arsenal of supplies if I decide to use them again, which I sure I will.  I really enjoyed using the pencils, but next week I am contemplating black markers for contrast. I think I might work on a different medium each week to see how well they work out. Right now I can say I like the softness of the pastel and being able to smudge for shadowing. 

Drawing the nude bodies doesn't embarrass me, I was more worried about how the other artists would accept me and whether my sketches would be good enough for me to be accepted into their group. After all they all know each other and I was the outsider. I think it went OK, no one shunned or snubbed me, lol


Anna said...

You did an awesome job! Love your sketches! Sounds like a fun workshop to take. You really should quit judging yourself as to whether you are good I think you have proved yourself time and time again.

Classygirl said...

this is wonderful. Wish I could have appreciated this more back in college. I need a do over! Nicely done, Sandee!

Craftychris said...

I am so impressed! I cannot draw or paint at all! I need the aid of a stamped image! You did so well, your drawings are really good! I would have fallen asleep if I had been modelling! Would have probably snored too! Now that would be embarrassing! xxx

Carole Z said...

Superb sketches and tutorial Sandee,I'm so sorry to have been 'missing' lately (but I love your posts so am about to go catch up),I've decided to write one post today and then I am taking a month off from blogging, I need to recharge my batteries, so apologies in advance for not commenting very much for the next month, I will be back, hugs Carole Z X

Jean said...

Wow - you are good! I think I would feel so uncomfortable for both me and the models!

Pam said...

I would probably be petrified. You did a very good job on your drawings.