Wednesday, August 12, 2015

blingy "help me find it" box

So my art desk is a thing closely related to a disaster, I bring supplies like pens, markers and pencils over to it to work with and they quickly become lost in the piles of papers, glues and other tools. So I thought if I had a box to sit on my desk and as I used the pencils,  I could lay them in the box where they could be stored until I was finished using them and returned them to their proper storage least that is my plan so I set off to buy me a school box and of course I knew I would bling it up with some of The Buckle Boutique Adhesive Rhinestone sheets!

Here is my blingy "help me find it" box! Hopefully this will save at least an hour a day in just trying to locate my pens in the mayhem of other art supplies piled up on my desk.

Here is the plain, sad looking little box. I admit when I bought it I could see the circles, filled with rhinestones, and that it had lots of potential bling aspirations! You can see how many pens and markers were rounded up from my desk alone, this is a much needed box!!

I used copy paper to create templates to trace on the adhesive sheets and then cut them out with scissors. It was very easy to do.

I outlined the circles in the Lime Green sheets since it matched the plastic lid color. Yes, I admit I was thinking about that when I bought it. 

Wouldn't this make a great school box for an older child? Maybe one to keep in their locker for all those little things that are hard to keep up with? And look at how that bling shines when the light hits it! ohhhhh.....ahhhhhhh....go ahead, I know you want to!
At least I won't need any help finding the box, eh?

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Patti Hodder said...

Love this!!!!

Jean said...

So pretty!

Pam said...

Wow! Your box looks fabulous! Love the design on top. You are sure to find you pens, markers, and pencils now!

Sandy said...

Yep WTG on having all your pens in one fabulous spot now. I am sure it will shine on your desk and be easy to fond now.

Craftychris said...

Ooh this looks so bling you and cool! Such a fabulous idea! xxx

Carole Z said...

So pretty! hugs Carole Z X said...

love the fabulously colorful pencil case