Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oh deer!

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” 
― Marcel Proust

I have had a few more deer than the previous years which is fine with me. I know there are people out there who complain about the deer eating their flowers but my feeling is, why fight it? You have moved into their area ( near the woods in my case ) and they have as much right to forage for food. 

Like a lot of people I try to plant things that the deer don't like, but if they are hungry enough, they will eat them anyway! So I have a different philosophy than most I bet. Even though I love my flowers, I love the deer even more. I love when they visit my yard, they are such beautiful, majestic if they like my Hostas and snack on them, so be it. I could do without a few flowers but I cannot do without my deer.

If you want to know how I made this stamp frame large enough to fit around the deer that I painted then please visit me over on the {my sweet earth} blog, and yeah...leave me a comment. Your love is appreciated!!!!!!!!!

Insta-Cute stamp ( Polaroid frame )
Live in Color tags - ( heart )


Carole Z said...

I'm with you Sandee, if we had deer visit our garden I would be so thrilled, they could eat the lot! Love love love your painting! Hugs Carole Z X

Neet said...

I love your comment "even though I love my flowers I love the deer even more". Am afraid that would be me too. How lucky you are to have such beautiful creatures grace your garden.
Thanks for the post.
Hugs, Neet xx

Unknown said...

Great card and I too love the deer.. even if years ago we used to hunt them. Always though very aware of their beauty...

Pam said...

I feel the same way you do about the deer Sandee! They are so beautiful and we are invading their home. I love seeing them. I actually saved a tiny fawn. We were driving along a hilly winding road and came around a curve. There was a female deer and her tiny baby, we slowed down and they crossed the road. We drove on but I could see in the rear view mirror the mother had gone on down in the field but the baby was right on the edge of the road. I told my husband to stop and turn around because someone was going to come around the curve and hit that sweet little baby. I got out and walked right up to the baby, (the mother looked very concerned) and shooed the baby down to the mother safe and sound. About 30 seconds later a car came flying around the curve. Sorry I am so long winded But I just love them (and the elk). Your painting is just lovely and you captured the beauty of the deer perfectly.

Jean said...


Pat N. said...

Nice photo and nice painting, too! We love the deer, and all wildlife in our yard. Enjoy it all!