Monday, July 28, 2014

I wooden do this without Deco Arts

Some things are just kismet, you happen along, and there you are. Or in this case, there it was. A chunk of wood sitting right beside my bear in the middle of downtown. Imagine it sitting just to the right of him.

I walked over to it trying to figure out where it could have come from, after all this is inside a shopping area no less....but then figured it must have been put there for me to paint. At least that is my story and I'm to it!

I wanted to try out the Americana Decor chalky finish paint to see how it did over a rough, untreated surface and it covered like a charm. The intent of my experiment was to see how the multi surface paints would do over it, and I have to say, they did exceptionally well! I also used an old stamp set ( from 1983 ) to stamp the scene over the surface. I did have to fill in a lot of areas since the surface wasn't smooth enough to stamp on, maybe you can't tell? ( hopefully )

AND Deco Arts is having a grand prize give away!
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Carole Z said...

Great colours and love the textures you've created here...I'm sure I can hear the sound of! hugs Carole Z X

Salnclts said...

How beautiful! What a neat idea to use the wooden pieces! :)

Granny Korner Craftingwithartgrandma said...

The painting fairy is so excited about that bear they want to see more of Sandee's work. love this piece, and I like the chalky paints I am doing a project now with them and will be posted tomorrow. Leaving you some blog love.

Pam said...

How beautiful! You did a wonderful job. Don't you love it when natural objects are in the shape of a mountain scene! Your piece of wood, like my rock were the perfect canvas for a mountain scene. I still LOVE your beautiful bears!!!

Anna said...

What an interesting shape to the wood...I agree it was just calling out to be a mountain scene. Love the old stamp set! said...

Uhhg I knew my comment was no where to be found!! Grrrr!! Love what you did with the wood/rock! It's so cool how the paint covers the natural surface without a bunch of elbow grease!!

Sandy said...

Oh that paint did work so well at covering that surface and imagine that being there just what you needed to paint.. Great shape and your stamp is wonderful..
Awesome job..
Sandy :)