Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sundays with Sandee

What is art journaling?
It's best defined as having a visual conversation with yourself.

This segment is all about tackling the inner critic that resides in our head taking up way too much precious space and defragmenting our self esteem into tiny broken shards. The sad thing, is, we let it. We sit there and listen to all the horrible negative thoughts that it whispers into our ears. And we believe it.

I've never understood why we let that happen and have been doing some research on the side as to how to deal with this inner voice. One exercise is to create a visual image of our critic, to even name him, so that when we hear these words that tear us down, we are then to imagine our picture that we created and talk back to it. We are suppose to stand up to the voice that wants to strips us of our artistic realm and buries us in common place mediocrity.
This is mine and his name is Schnoz, I am sure you can figure out why, lol  I was amazed at how effortlessly I was able to do the conscious stream of writing, it literally flowed from my heart rather than from my brain about the negativity that Schnoz likes to project onto me. I also wrote Scnoz a dear John letter and sent him packing.

If you want to take a step in evicting your inner critic from your space in your head then please hop over to the Frosted Designs blog for my Sundays with Sandee video where I create my inner critic for you and try to explain stream of consciousness writing. I hope you get something out of this experience.


fairy thoughts said...

Hi sandee
Yes why do we do that to ourselves?
I have a little demon inside me asking me why I bother with stuff.... Now I shall say demon be gone ... There that was easy...... We 'll see
Have a great Christmas

Carole Z said...

Superb Sandee...and I will remember this quote every time I think I can't do something, wonderful! Happy Christmas! Carole Z X

Winnie said...

Schnoz is fabulous and what a great quote. I will keep it it mind when my inner doubts pop up. I recall taking my first and only painting class so far (by Dina Wakley) and she had the most positive way of teaching and encouraging, and I LOVED my bird canvas and if you would have told me beforehand that I would Love it I would have laughed. Wishing you a joyful Christmas and all the best in 2014.