Tuesday, October 9, 2012

word art: noun

From cute sayings to inspirational quotes, word art is an art form that involves presenting words and phrases in an artistic fashion. Techniques typically associated with word art include manipulating letters into various shapes, coloring letters and adding shading and texture.

Hi everyone! I have been a busy little bee these days, the Art MoB is selling my stuff almost faster than I can make it, lol There are actually lots of projects that I haven't had time to show you! Like wow, right? So, anyway...some of you will remember that I did a demo at the Art MoB last Saturday, and as usual it was a blast. Hendersonville had TONS of people down for the Art On Main Street, it was so much fun to stroll around with Jerri afterwards and peek at what other artists create! I am so amazed with the creative mind, I know I am dull in comparison and truly humbled that people want to buy anything of mine!!

So here is what I made for Mou Saha's challenge over at Faber Castell's blog. Her challenge was to create "word art". I took the challenge to heart and tried to create my words into art....I hope I succeeded.
A few highlights to what I did:
I first used a gel medium to adhere a flower print piece of tissue onto my board, making sure to cover it well with the medium. When it was thoroughly dried, I added my sticker letters to it.
I painted over the entire piece with various shades of green paint using a Keenex Splash n' Go wipe so that it would be well blended.
I covered the chipboard letters with text book paper, and then outlined then with my Pitt Pen and adhered them to the center.
Next, using my Fiskar's Finger Tip knife, I gently scored around the painted over letters and lifted the dried paint up and away, revealing the pattern tissue paper underneath. Then I had fun, doodling and drawing on the letters with my fabulous Pitt Pens.
Lastly, edged the piece with Tim Holtz idea-ology tissue tape, used a charcoal pencil to outline it, smudged it with my fingers and used Glass Frost spray paint to seal it.
Here's a short slide show of the creation, I haven't had a chance to upload any music yet to my computer ( would love a good site if someone has one ), so until then, hum along ;)


enthusiastically, dawn said...

Love it!

Redanne said...

Now how can you consider yourself dull when all your stuff is selling woman! People would not buy dull things - your things are brilliant and you are very talented - so there......crafty hugs, Anne x

Kim said...

Sandi, this is amazing, thanks for the clear instructions.....I keep thinking I want to have a go with canvass but not sure how to start -you have given me a great idea so following your instructions going to have a go and see where that takes me - now off to search the internet for the products I need. Have a great day....not sure what the time is there so maybe good evening!

TwinkleToes2day said...

This is just wonderful! :D

CraftygasheadZo said...

Looks fab and I'm so pleased things are selling fast! Sorry for being quiet, yep, things are downhill again but hey ho, I started hydrotherapy today to try and improve my leg function. Here's hoping! Take care Zo xx

Katie said...

This is awesome! I love the quote :)

wwilloww said...

That is a great piece of art!!! I love your creativity and I guess I'm not alone...so glad your art is selling so quickly. It has got to be a great feeling!!!

Rita said...

Congrats! Congrats!
And this is a charming, light-hearted piece. :)

Kristin said...

Ooooh my goodness! That is ABSOLUTELY adorable! And that phrase is too cute! I can see why your art is selling so fast! xoxo

Pat N. said...

Sandee, you are just so creative! Sounds like your art booth has been highly successful! Good for you!

Teresa Jaye said...

love this ! And what a cool technique! I'm so happy for you that your gorgeous artwork is selling so well at the ArtMob - congratulations!

Terrie said...

Though I keep reading, I haven't commented in awhile - but, these 2 recent posts have pulled me out of my lethargy! I love your book piece and can't imagine myself being able to cut so delicately that I didn't ruin the floral tissue paper. But what a GREAT idea - it looks totally amazing (plus I happen to share the sentiment!).

Then, your adorable owls are just....adorable! I'm not surprised they sold quickly. Love the idea of adding a real branch - genius. I have branches in my art room too but haven't put them to use....now I'm inspired!