Tuesday, February 14, 2012

curmudgeon: noun

somebody who is irritable or stubborn: somebody considered to be bad-tempered, disagreeable, or stubborn

yeah....doing happy dance...Valentines Day is over....oh...looks through computer screen, you there?...goes back and seats self behind computer.....sighs.....does one last happy dance jiggle....what? Didn't you know....? I am a Valentine curmudgeon! Yep, the one and only, divorced, single, not a man on the horizon....but I'm actually dealing with it pretty good this year....eh? You don't believe me....? ::gasp:: say it ain't so!

Well feast your eyes on my chocolates that I went out and bought for myself so so I can waller , have a pity party, cry in my chocolates....oh wait I was trying to convince you how good I'm doing huh?....hmmm...indulge myself? yeah that's it....to indulge myself!
and to share how I feel about this ...errr....day ( have a sense of humor here ladies ) I made a special Valentine! :) for all the men not in my life ;)
and the loving thoughtful sentiment that goes with it:

Doodlecharms cartridge
Fiskars embossing folder
misting sprays
ink- Brillance
Dymo Label Maker

So Happy Valentines to all you people who visit. and letting you know how much you are appreciated for visiting, leaving comments, etc......even if I am the Valentine Curmudgeon!


Pat N. said...

Yummm, Godiva! Glad you indulged. Isn't Curmudgeon such a neat word? I love to say it, you Valentine Curmudgeon! Love your card--it's great. Enjoy the day, Sandee.--Pat

Unknown said...

V-day is not my favorite either. I loved your card- it brought a good laugh!

Unknown said...

AWWW Sandee I love your sense of humor and your card!! Wish I was there to give you a hug. Just eat a piece of chocolate for me!

HeARTworks said...

You are funny! You're doing fine! There are some women with boyfriends and husbands who are the most miserable people on the planet! i think we have to learn how to find joy in the ordinary, or maybe in Godiva chocolates! God bless you! Patsy from


Cre8tiveVet said...

What a wonderful card! I love that you were able to make fun of this holiday that so many people blow out of proportion. Thanks for joining us at DCD.

Pink Lady's Paradise said...

You go girl! Love your card - very funny.

Thanks for the inspiration,
Cindy :)

Candy said...

Fabulous card! It made me laugh!
Thanks for playing along at Die Cuttin' Divas this week.
Die Cuttin' Divas DT Member