Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nutella : noun

Is the brand name of a chocolate hazelnut spread. Manufactured by an Italian company, Ferrero and introduced to the market in 1963.

I am feeling so much better today, hardly ANY cold symptoms anymore so I celebrated by doing a little baking. I found this recipe on FB one day, it just popped up and I thought not only did it sound good but it gave me the excuse reason to try Nutella. I have been skeptical about the product but I figured if was paired with marshmallow and pastry, it couldn't be all bad, eh? Go here if you want the recipe, it was extremely easy to make. I did do one thing different, the pastry sheets were a tad sticky trying to move them around on the baking sheet so I sprinkled sugar under them and that helped a lot. And if anyone knows how to spread Nutella better then please let me know, it doesn't spread easily. As you can also see I am a little chicken/rooster happy in my kitchen. Even the red cups you see there come from a pattern called Red Rooster ( made by Metlox and only available from Ebay, they were made around the 1950' to say I have almost entire collection and had to go cold turkey from

 Ebay! But that's another story ! ) Also, the Nutella caramelizes a little if it leaks out of the pocket so just pinch that part off. After they come out of the oven, sprinkle them with powdered sugar. Let me tell you, they are DELICIOUS!! ooey gooey goodness....yum! And huge too, lol On retrospect I would make them smaller if I was serving them to guest but perfect for indulging yourself!
And just to show you how nuts I am, this rooster plate is from a much smaller collection that I picked up when shopping one day at Harry and Davids. So when I want to make myself feel special I pull these out to use...guess I feel real special cause I use them almost every day! lol I actually use to have them hanging on the wall in my kitchen as a display but since I've had to downsize they have moved from the wall to the cupboard, and I am OK with that too! :)
And over at Cards TV, Mary is having a challenge to make a masculine card. And since my brother will be celebrating his birthday in March I decided to make his card. First I was inspired to make a shaped card, the golf cart. Then that expanded to the idea of balloons instead of a golf bag on the back of the cart and then I did something, I've never done before. I was trying to think of a background for the inside part of the cart, and was going through in my head: of the usual ideas, clouds, sky...etc. and went through my sports stash and found a magazine page that I had torn out of a golf course...perfect!
Especially since he is an older man, I didn't want it too look too cutesy so I thought the actual picture of a golf course would be awesome. I'm also going to write inside the card that if he can guess the actual course then I'll buy him dinner. He's such a smarty pants ( big brother, can you tell ?) that he probably will guess it ( rolling eyes ) which is why I am not offering a bigger prize if he gets it right! lol Hopefully it will drive him bonkers trying to figure it out, lol ( little sister, can ya tell ) hee hee
Mary's stamp set - Make A Wish
Everyday Paperdolls cartridge
Recollection gems
Reminisce white pen and black pen
Ink it Up!


Karan said...

I love it! The picture of the golf course is perfect - looks the the cart is really there!

Craftychris said...

Your pasties look so tasty and I love the roosters - fab stuff. The golfing card is cool and the real golf course inside is an inspired idea. I'm so glad your cold is better xx

Unknown said...

Nutella melts really easily for easier spreading- LOOOOve that stuff. And your golf cart is brilliant. I'm going to have to try that for my golfing nut mother!

Sharon said...

Fantastic card!!! Loving it! Thank you so very much for joining our 'It's a Guy Thing' challenge at Cardz TV!!!! :)

girlia said...

What a magnificent card. I just love it. Beautiful greens. Thanks for joining us this week at CTS for It's a guy thing challenge.

Lisa Summerhays said...

Love it! I am a huge fan of shaped cards. This one seriously rocks! The gold course was such a great idea!