Monday, January 9, 2012

review: noun

a general survey of something, especially in words; a report or account of something.

Our Cricut Circle has asked us to do a layout of the year in review. Now since I am a chronological scrapper this proved to be thought provoking for me, after all I scrap every important moment in my life. If I want to review the year all I have to do is look though my scrapbook.

But somewhere a little dim bulb in my brain got brighter and brighter ( put your shades on ladies ) cause I had my 'aha' moment! 2 things became apparent to me:

1. because I am a scrapbooker who normally does 2 page layouts I always end up with the odd single first and last page in my albums. Now those pages are usually filled with my "odd pictures"...sometimes its the school pictures of nieces and nephews, or the tons of flowers or wild life that I take pictures of but might not do a scrapbook page about, ect. ....light bulb is getting brighter...

2. I started to realize that my blogging is somewhat over coming my scrapbooking, as in I blogged about my publications but didn't even think to scrap it. AND considering that blogger knocked out my old blog I have now figured I better put more action back into my scrapbooking!...light bulb is shinning away.....

So the left side, which will be the first page of my album, has cards from the first half of the year and the journaling just says how happy I am to have gotten published as many times as I did.

And the right half will be the last page in my album. This is where I sat back and noticed that my styles for submitting had changed, less cards and more projects and what elements I seem to use a lot of. It was very interesting to see all the pictures together and to really take stock of what my style is.
Don Juan cartridge
Doodlecharms cartridge, p. 85
Paper Trimmings cartridge, p. 33
Really Reasonable Ribbon - twine assortment 

Light is so bright you need shades!

Now most of you know I love to follow Crookedbrains, for the newest and latest trends for you home, but now I have discovered a new blog that showcases ways to up-cycle! Also a big trend :) This one is called Upcycle the art of the R' expecting to see more of it!

My fav today from Upcycle is this one as I have a few tins and I am always looking for a new and different way to create some craft storage!

From small items can easily be displayed with vintage cans or hanging wire kitchen racks. You can also stack kitchen pots, plant pots, etc in this same way using a metal or wood pole.


Karan said...

What a great idea to do pages of your projects! Very cool! I may have to scraplift your idea and make a book of my favorites and all the pages / cards I have given away or sold!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

great great idea for a page! love it