Friday, January 6, 2012

blessings: noun, plural

approval or good wishes
I love making special cards, for my Cricut Card Fairy group. We send out cards to anyone that might be in need of some support. So anytime I have a challenge to create a card I like to stock up my stash. I love my Our Daily Bread Designs stamps as they always seem to have some great generic sentiments.
This challenge is from Fantabulous Cricut, who asked us to use a cup or chocolate or even the color brown on your project. So as you can see for Challenge Me Monday #92 I used a cup.
A close up shows off my love for decorating pattern paper. I used Glossy Accents on the purple flowers and laid a Dust Ball in the center of the flowers, I used stickles to accent the stems of the flower and adhered tiny dimensional butterflies. I let everything dry and then brushed the tea cup with Mod Podge for 2 reasons: one, was to make sure everything stayed glued down and two,it makes the tea cup look more like china! After everything dried I then inked the edges of the cup and as you can tell I distressed the tea bad tag too, with both ink and chalk.
pattern paper- came from scrap stash
Don Juan cartridge, p. 75
Dust balls- Willow Bead
puffy butterflies- K&Co.
Our Daily Bread Design stamps-Mini Tags 3
Glossy Accents
Mod Podge
stickles-  Patino

Ok, should I confess tell you a funny story about handling small tiny beads? If you have clumsy tendencies
( which I do ) then accidents are bound to happen no matter how hard you try to stop them. So vision this...I put my beads in a beading tray just so I can use the funnel feature to get the beads back into the tiny tube..right?...with me so far? Then out of the blue, I sneezed! and it was like an explosion of tiny multi colored beads bouncing all over my desk and me sitting there, in stunned admiration, cause like in slow motion they did look real pretty bouncing and rolling in all different directions! HA! And from previous bead explosions I know it's no use chasing them down until they settle! So I patiently picked the little beads up from all their now hidden nook and crannies, silently cursing my desire to use beads all the while.
 Later on, inspecting my card after it dried I found, blue, pink and gold beads on the flowers and I'm I that blind? that I picked up the wrong color beads when I was applying them to the cup?? no...they were from the explosion and some had found their way to my card, lol...I was able to pick them off damage!

Now I love blog hopping, and I pick up ideas from everyone, which I love! So I was visiting someones site ( sorry I don't remember who ) but they were discussing "mail art" know decorating your envelope...and I thought, wow, I had stopped doing that and so I got out my box of OLD stickers, ones I cannot use for submissions or whatever...this is a perfect use for them! So the card I made yesterday
 ( see previous post ) went out in the mail today, all decorated up!
I also did the front but I've already addressed it so I didn't show it on here. Now let's talk stamps! I go ahead and put 64 cent stamps on all my cards, even semi flat cards deserve special postage ;0 ( at least according to the post office anyway ) I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten handmade cards and the senders don't put enough postage on them, not that the post office has asked me to fork over the money but they do put that notice on the envelope that points out that the sender is either cheap, broke or misinformed! LOL
And on Crookedbrains they are featuring unusual clocks, and a lot of them I thought were so confusing that by the time I figured out what time it was, I would be late for where ever I was going! lol But this one did make me stop and ohhh and ahhhh for a momment so I thought I'd share :)

Knit Clocks: Creation of designers Carlo and Benedetta Tamborini; its made of cotton and comes with incredible detail that is filled with soft, intricate lines, the kind usually found in your closet, not on your wall.

Creative Clocks and Unusual Clock Designs. (15) 14
pretty, huh?


Jan Marie said...

Sweet little cup. . .love the detail work and the darling little tag. . so clever! And. . .I could just picture the bead explosion! OH NO!! (I'm not the most graceful of creatures so can definitely relate to tipping, tripping, sticking, and otherwise mucking things up!! Blessings!

Pat N. said...

Sandee, you are too funny! I'm still laughing about your bead story. Sorry, I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time. Dust balls? Is that what they're called? That's a new one on me. Your cup card is really nice. Love the china and aged look. Great job as always. Now if you feel a sneeze coming on, hold it in next time!!--Pat

Sunshine HoneyBee said...

Was wondering what Cricut cartridge or where you got the cup image from? Especially like the distressing on the tea bag. LOL at your bead story. Try sneezing or not when you are using glitter or embossing powder and that is not reusable when it blows. Have a nice day.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

Mary Pat Siehl said...

what an awesome card! i am sure it will brighten someone's day!! very cute!

~Tammy~ said...

Oh this is darling and so feminine yet finely vintage!

I can match your story exactly except mine was Martha Stewart coarse glitter! ah yeah big mess! Big waste of glitter too. Darn those sneezes!

Thanks for sharing your talent (and your story)!

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

HI Sandee. Great job on the cup card! It is beautiful. And the pic of that clock has me drooling! I loved your bead story....too funny!

Oh, yeah my ankle is much better. All well now :D

Bernadet Rodakowski said...

Don Juan cut - you get the prize for "going deep" in your carts to find a unique mug cut. Great!

Larelyn said...

ooooh, I love your cup! and the patterned paper (also my passion). I'm a card fairy too!
Thanks for sharing at FCCB.

Kalea Wavedancer said...