Friday, December 29, 2017

Happy New Word for 2018

  1. This time of year I begin thinking of my word for the year and this year I have chosen the word hope. I usually create an art journal page to remember it, just in case I should forget, lol 
  2. It's also nice to look back at my previous words I've chosen over the years. 
I love angels
I admit I've never been good with New Year's Resolutions so I began choosing a single word to guide me for the new year instead. A single word that will sum up the essence and focus for the next 365 days of my life. 

Dresden trim, washi tape and oh my!
I like to do an art journal page on my WOTY. 
It helps me to keep seeing my word.
How do you display your word? Or do you?

Don't box yourself into only choosing one word if multiple words or a phrase resonates with you. There is no word limit on this, so choose something that resonates with you! Write journal your word down!

I love all the shimmer!
Don't box yourself into only choosing one word if multiple words or a phrase resonate with you. There is no word limit on this portion, so choose something that resonates with you! 
Do you choose a WOTY?
I would love to hear what yours is if you do.


Gwen Lafleur Studios




You still have time!

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Happy New Year to everyone!


Susan said...

I am a big fan of the word of the year and have done one for the past 10 or so years. I really like how you have presented yours here. It is beautiful and the word is still the focus of the piece. Very Nice! Happy PPF

Unknown said...

My WOTY: Patience

Valerie-Jael said...

Have fun with your with. Happy PPF and happy New year to you and yours, hugs, Valerie

DVArtist said...

All very nice. Your word for the year is a good one. I am hoping too. The very best in 2018.

Clare Lloyd said...

Fab journal page...good luck with your word hope in 2018!

Jean said...

I love your word and your have created such a showcase for it. Still pondering mine!

A Colorful World said...

A very nice journal page...and a wonderful thing to hold onto this year HOPE!

sirkkis said...

You chose the perfect word for the upcoming year. And your page is great with a kind angel and wonderful trimming.
Happy New Year 2018 xx

Christine said...

Beautiful page, I would choose Hope too. In fact, it is my word if I had to choose one.

JKW said...

I used to do that, the first word was Believe and I had a necklace with that on it. . . I did a word a year for a few years, but haven't lately. I thought at first I would think to Create this year, but I think Imagine would fit me better. I love the art work. . .quite detailed. Many Blessings into the New Year, Janet

Edzellinni aka Linda Edkins Wyatt said...

What a lovely page! I especially like the word hope inside the big crystal ball. And yes, I have been choosing a word of the year for the past few years. Last year it was courage...and I reallllly needed it. This year, i think it will be flourish...for many reasons

Anonymous said...

a beautiful page and having the word in sight encourages you too keep hope,,perfect!

NatureFootstep said...

As for words- no, I don´t choose any.

I learned something. :) I like teh angel. And if I take a look in my box for old bookmarkes It is likely I have her.

I went to the gwenlafleur site and fund many of the designs we had when I was a child. We exchanged them in school. I still have some and even a few that my mother had. :) I plan to scan them soon.

Gwen Lafleur said...

Wonderful page Sandee, and I love your word for next year! It resonates a lot with me as well :) I hope you have a wonderful 2018!

Lisabella Russo said...

Hope is such a beautiful sentiment to focus on. I love your art piece with that focus as well.

Lynda Shoup said...

Sandee, I love the way you put your word front and center to help you focus on it. Hope is a great word for this year. I think we need so much of it these days. I tried choosing a word one year but forgot about it. And my word was Intentional. Pretty ironic, isn't it? Anyway, haven't tried it again since then, but you have jogged me out of complacency and got me thinking. Perhaps I'll follow your lead and get that word front and center so I cannot plead forgetfulness. Your piece is beautiful and will certainly attract your eye all year long. Brilliant idea and execution. said...

As always I love the art and the use of products. Having something that sparkles is always a good thing!! My WOTY is NURTURE.. :) happy new year!!

Laney said...

Great focus word and beautifully illustrated. Happy New Year!

stefanie stark said...

Your post is such a great inspiration to me to choose a word too and document it in an art journal. The wy you did that looks beautiful and I LOVE the Dresden trim combined with washi tape and stencils. Happy New Year!

Jackie PN said...

Sandee, this is a lovely page! I really do like that you chose a word to "guide" instead. What a nice way to realize your word of the year.
Sending wishes for a new year filled with all good things my friend! xo