Saturday, August 26, 2017

Challenge 3 - Oceania!

Oceanic art or Oceanian art comprises the creative works made by the native peoples of the Pacific Islands and Australia, including areas as far apart as Hawaii and Easter Island. ... In more recent times, the people of Oceania have found a greater appreciation of their region's artistic heritage

Khadi journal

I used The Decorative Medallion Repeating Corner Stencil, designed by Gwen Lafleur to create a medallion in the middle of my page using dots like the Aboriginal art. Then used the Angel Circle stencil designed by Kate Thompson to create an Aboriginal person in the left corner.

I tried to find The Aboriginal written language and discovered this dictionary where I found the phrase written in the top of the circle which is the story that the Aborigine is telling. 
Wangga-gu, balarrin, ge-na nganung, burrhburr-ma nga-ya-nggi, wangga.
translated into
They painted me with white ochre for a corroboree, and I danced.

(corroboree is an Australian Aboriginal dance ceremony that may take the form of a sacred 
ritual or an informal gathering.)

After a lot of research, I used the symbol for meeting place in the center of my journal 
to signify a place to meet and dance.

ABORIGINAL-ART.pptx                                                                                                                                                     More

Entering my "Meeting Place" art journal page in:

  • Patterns inspired by traditional symbols (Maori tattoos, Dots/dashes of Aboriginal Arts…)πŸ‘
  • Think Monochromatic black and white or think colors of the Earth.πŸ‘
  • Some sort of organic or natural material(s) (earth, stone, bone, bark, wood, fibres…)
  • Shapes inspired by traditional or indigenous artπŸ‘

I really enjoyed all the research into making this, hope you did too.


Jean said...

Love your piece. It ties on everything so wonderfully.m

Gwen Lafleur said...

This is beautiful! I love the way you interpreted the stencil with the dots / aboriginal inspiration. Turned out great!

Pat said...

A very thoughtful piece.

Lynda Shoup said...

I love the detail you put into making this piece. The research makes it that much more interesting to me. I'm glad you shared that information in your post. Wonderful piece.