Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Stooges and drawfs

My 10-year-old self would be thrilled to know that at the age of 58 I am making miniature pieces and that I am fairy gardening. After all, I use to love to play with my troll dolls and build them little forts out of twigs and paths of stone and hey, look at me now inner child, I'm still doing that. 

Wait...I hope this is a good thing...

Since I have 3 dwarfs I have decided to name them after the 3 stooges, it just seems to fit.

"Moe" is standing by the books ("Moe" is the active personality, and if not always dominant, always striving to be. Moe is the one who spurs the others into action. He devises plans to better their lot. ) reading to "Curly" the directions on how to properly lay a pebble path, who you can see is doing all the work. ("Curly" is as creative and active as Moe, but it is a spontaneous and joyous kind of creativity.) "Larry" is hunkered down by the mushrooms not wanting to do anything but to be left alone. (Larry" never initiates action. Were it not for the presence of his friends, Larry probably would live in peace, happy to roam the forest floor.) And last but not least is "Shemp" the snail ( very lovable )

Also known as:
Freudian Trio: Moe is the Superego, Larry's the Ego, and Curly's the Id
Nice Mean And In Between: Moe (Mean), Larry (In-Between) and Curly (Nice). 

Want to find out which stooge you are? Go to this personality test.
I am a strong Moe with a secondary Curly as my personality.

My latest addition as of 1pm this afternoon is a small stack of books perched on the rock. I made the books from Creative Paperclay and then stamped the open book with a small Prima script stamp.

Each book is covered with some small scraps of material and one has a bookmark.

I am entering my little stack of books in:

Mixed Media Monthy Challenge #36 - Put a stamp on it

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!

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Kalea Wavedancer said...

Super awesome! Love all books!