Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Gnome love

I admit, I have always resisted gnomes in the garden, and wondered why people were so intrigued by them.
Do you have garden gnomes?

I now have three wee gardens on my balcony...

The first garden was Petal's (the snail) garden, Buttercup the fairy loves to visit her friend there and they spend all day laying on the moss, staring into a mystical ball and telling tall tales about the future.

Next came Meadow's garden, my little fairy artist who loves to paint on her canvases and do art journaling...I think she is my "mini-me"...lol

I admit part of the appeal... for me anyway... about a fairy garden is making my own embellishments. I made the mushroom door, Petal herself and the crystal ball stand for Petal's garden. 
Next came the gypsy style caravan for Meadow's garden plus a few other things that you can see in this video. ( Some things have been changed since last year but you'll get the general idea )
 And now my latest is a "faux stone" gnome house, an idea I got from Pinterest for a fairy house powered by a solar light. I tweaked it a little...but you can check out how I made mine by visiting the ColourArte blog, and while you're there, sprinkle some fairy dust around for me so I know you visited...
please and thank you!

I guess the other part of the appeal is just a childhood fascination for all things miniature, probably Tinkerbell began that fantasy and well, there are some things we just don't outgrow, lol

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Jean said...

You are so creative.