Friday, November 4, 2016

...scary leaf sounds...

I love the Fall leaves, although there is one downside living by the forest and no I am not talking about the amount of leaves that cover the forest floor which is stunning...or my garden, less stunning, lol: but the sound. The sound of a small animal, a squirrel or a bird can sound like people walking around...where there normally aren't people. After a Winter, then Spring and Summer spent in relative quiet, Fall is deafening. OK, so maybe I watch too much of The Walking Dead, but seriously, that crunch, crunch, crunch sounds like either a person lurking about or a HUGE animal, I rush to the balcony and have to squint scan to find the small leaf invader scavenging for a left over summer nugget to enjoy under the leaves.

So aside from my brain going into spooky hyper drive I do love to paint Fall leaves. They just fascinate me with all their colors. 

I painted the backside of a leaf with ColourArte's Silks Acrylic Glazes in Spiced Pumpkin and Solar Gold and pressed it into my journal which left a nice imprint of the leaf shape and the veins.  Once it dried I painted in with the Twinkling H2O's in Orange Peel, Copper Penny, and Rain Forest.

I love how the glaze acts as a resist.

Like the leaf, we are part of a bigger dream.


Jean said...

A beautiful leaf! They are so fun to paint!

Dorlene Durham said...

Beautiful! I was scrolling through your blog and love your work. I'm gonna have to peek more later. TFS

Pam said...

Beautiful, I love that you painted a real leaf to get the image!

Tommy Jo said...

I just got my paints from ColourArte and I am dying to try them out. May or may not do a leaf as I'm not sure mine would turn out as pretty as yours. LOVE your quote... I'm smart, but not yet wise :)

Athanasia said...

Simple and beautiful! I love it!
Great quote too ❤