Saturday, May 28, 2016

20th Anniversary of Chalk it Up! mural in downtown Hendersonville, NC

10 artists gathered EARLY ( OK, 7am may not be that early for some, but it is to me! ) to work on a chalk art mural for the 20th anniversary of Chalk it Up! in Hendersonville, NC We had a design gridded out so each one of us was responsible for one section.

The scaffolding( that you see at the top of the picture ) at the end holds a camera directly over us to take time lapse pictures of our progress ever 5 seconds. Video can be found HERE.

The weather cooperated with us very nicely but it did start to get hot about this point, muscles were hurting and everyone was getting tired. Believe it or not, it took us 3 hours to complete!

I did the bear and had the least available chalk as black was in short supply. I was allotted all the black chalk and had to use water to "melt" the chalk into the concrete surface of the sidewalks to try and extend the color. It worked pretty well too, although my fingernails and cuticles still have remnants of black chalk the next day that no amount of washing and using a nail brush seem to have any effect.

This is my portion of the sidewalk.

Here is the top ½ which features our mountains, courthouse and a portion of the town along with our historic clock.

And the bottom portion.

I hope I get a still photograph from the scaffolding above, but in the mean time, this is it. If you would like to read the newspaper article about the days event you can do so HERE!

And here is a picture that was printed in the newspaper.

Now off to take some more Alleeve, my knees are fine which everyone worries the most about but I have lots of sore muscles from stretching across the drawing and working, lol


Pam said...

How Awesome!!!! It looks beautiful! Everyone did a fantastic job! Does it have a fixative so that it lasts for a while?
Pam said...

great adventures!! I just knew you would think to bring a pillow.. lolol

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Amazing and I bet it was great to do. Happy crafting, Angela xXx