Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The things we do for art...

I'll begin by saying that posting a picture of my feet is scary for me...after all I don't think I have the prettiest of toes. I was actually startled at how splayed out my toes were and spent a few minutes trying to get my toes more...errr...together to no avail. Then there was the whole...omg...I am so white that I look like a vampire, nothing says winter like bleach white skin. On a happier note my toe nails look good, only due to the fact that I had an art opening last week-end so a pedicure was a priority for that, lol  So what has this picture got to do with art? Take your tootsies on over to the Arnold Grummer blog to find out!

Here's a picture of the 3 artist amigos from the show called Caffeinated Art. The 2 canvases behind us are mine. Here is an article that was written about it in the Rapid River Arts and Cultural Magazine if you want to read about it.
Miriam Hughes, Sandee Setliff, Jamie Miller
This might go down as one of the nicest openings I've had. They had a private "dinner with the artists" afterward for about 20 of us. It was a splendid evening I must say!

3 comments: said...

You know I had originally told you i hadnt read this because I forgot.. well I forgot again, until I went to SCS blogpost.. and low and behold.. what do I find..lolol.. Your feet on the sidebar!! :) I had been crying listening to a lady talk about a book she accidentally wrote after finding some letters from her parents in an old trunk.. Anyway.. great post.. at least your feet don't look like mine!! lmao those caffenated art phots and the gathering after are awesome!!! I wish I was closer.. :)

Daniella said...

The show sounds positively delightful! And your 2 canvases are FABULOUS!!
You have cute feet :)

Sandy said...

Looks like you had a fabulous opening night.. :)