Friday, April 10, 2015

Give me some skin!

Recently I took a self paced workshop sponsored by Strathmore. I love their classes and they always have great instructors like Traci Bausta. In lesson 3 she did a study in making acrylic skins, which I have previously done ( by accident? ) every time I used my acrylic paints! lol Explanation needed? Probably so...:)

When I use my paints I pour them out on top of a plastic lid, when they dry they become a skin which you can peel off. I love peeling off the thick globs of paint, like a kid eating glue. OK, I'm strange, I'll admit it to you! I've only used the skins in my art once before when I made "Alice has a cup of tea" canvas. The tea cup is made from skins from left over paint. 

Here is a picture of the canvas. ( sold )

So this is the background to my DT post over on the Helmar blog today, and only you, my faithful blog reader will know that when I made my canvas I was using left over dried blobs of paint in my art. Honestly I didn't even know that skins were considered an art form at that time, I was just being me, using up weird and unusual things! lol
I did make another canvas using my newly made can see it over on the Helmar blog :) but here is a sneaky peek!


Claudia N. said...

Such a clever and imaginative use of the peeled off paints-skin, Sandee!
LOVE this! x Claudia

Jean said...

I wondered how to use these! Thanks for the inspiration!

Sandy said...

Shows a whole other angle here on your canvas.. Those beads are cute there and make the centre pop..

Carole Z said...

Wow this is so clever, what a great use of the peeled paints and a beautiiful creation, hugs Carole Z X