Wednesday, March 4, 2015

hidden secrets and hidden supplies!

OK, so over on Sin City today I have created a motivational magnet to keep me inspired while continuing my diet. Now as many of you know I always try and give you a little tidbit of information over here on my personal blog that you don't get over on my official post....and today's tidbit.....
is there anything behind the magnet?
Well, yes there is, thank you for asking...but this secret is one I don't share with anyone in my "real life"'s a record of my weight I would die if they peeked!
Before I made my new motivational magnet, I hid my weight loss records behind a measurement magnet ( there is some irony there, don't you think? ) lol And the old motivation was written on a post it note. Not very fancy or cute, I think the finished version is much better. Please go check it out!

And over on the Arnold Grummer blog I created an Easter diorama out of a hand casted paper bowl. And what is my special tidbit about this you ask?
It's about me...organizing myself into chaos!
huh? you ask?
Well, I have a box of napkins that had been stored in the bottom of my closet and a few months ago I reorganized ( aka cleaned ) my closet out. So as I went in search of my napkin supply ( to decoupage the inside of the bowl with ) I walked straight to the closet....and stared into it. I knew I moved it, I remember the act of doing it, but couldn't think for the life of me think where I moved it to!! I'm searching the closet shelves, looking for places I could have moved it, exasperated I plopped down into my studio chair wondering what the heck was I going to do...
and then I spied it.....if it was snake it would have bitten me....I even labeled it!!

Do it ever cross your mind that we have too much stuff?
No, not me

Have you ever just had to make something but you had no idea of what it was going to turn into. This happens to me with techniques, I usually want to do it, but I don't know how I am going to use it...I know it confuses me too. lol AND you know by now I have been in a paper casting craze of late so sooner or later I was bound to try a bowl....which ended up like this (pppsssttt's a corn cob holder)

I truly was stumped with what to do with it after I made it....and I posted it over on my art Face Book page which by the way, I would love for you to go over and like the page. I'm not expecting you to buy anything but the amounts of likes increases my professionalism....don't laugh!

So if you're interested in what I made with my corn cob bowl, lol Please take a moment to pop on over to the Arnold Grummer blog and while you're there, please leave me a comment...I'd like for them to know you stopped by!

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