Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Double the fun Wednesday!

Reverse stenciling, it's fun...go figure that one day I would be spraying ink onto the stencil instead of through it...but I kinda like the result. I'm up over on the Sin City blog today with some heart tags I created to along with some gift giving for Easter. Hop on over, will ya?

And over on the Arnold Grummer blog I have a video that I promised showing how easy it is to paper cast your own bowl....and I threw in a little Wabi-Sabi philosphy with some kintsugi art.


Lynn Cohen said...

It looks like you are having fun here! If you are still sketching we'd love to see some for our new Spring theme at Paper, Paint Pencils & Pens. Missing you there!

Sandy said...

Great tutorial very well explained and the little hand made token looks very cute.. Now all we need to do is get you making some paper beads..