Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Making paper art - Pulp painting

Today is my first post with the Arnold Grummer paper making kit team. I have to admit I was a little nervous about making my own paper ( I haven't made paper this since I was a kid ). So I watched tons of Arnold Grummer videos and was very intrigued by paper pulp painting so I began my new adventure by first making jars of paper pulp. 

This is a video of Arnold Grummer's version of paper pulp painting :

Which just fascinated me so I created my version using his technique. Here is a sneak peak of my "Butterflies are Free" canvas. I would love for you to stop by the Arnold Grummer blog and leave me some love! 

Thank you!

Ready to join me for some paper making fun?
You can use the discount Jan20 and order your own papermaking supplies from the fabulous Arnold Grummer store!

1 comment:

Rita said...

I haven't had my paper making supplies out for such a long time. Your monarch is just amazing! Love the video and have to try the pulp painting this year for sure. :)