Wednesday, December 26, 2012

lord of misrule: noun

a master of Christmas revels in England especially in the 15th and 16th centuries

"Christmas before Victoria was a wild affair, in which the fun was presided over by the Lord of Misrule, and it was full of lewd and naughty pranks—usually strictly for the grown-ups."
( maybe this was their 50 Shades of Grey? ) lol 

Ladies from WOYWW and lords of misrule...
Sometimes you amaze and wow me.
Sometimes you touch my heart in more ways than you might ever know.
Sometimes I realize how lucky I am to know you.

  Christmas has become a lonely time for me and while I'll not bore you with the details to my pity party, there were a few of you that just made my day yesterday! So this is what is on my desk, courtesy of:
Dwain Gaudet
Julia Stratford-Wright
Sherry Ellison
Judy McCarthy

I have enjoyed looking over each item and am so impressed with your craftsmanship!
I saved all their packages as they came in the mail and opened them on Christmas morning so that I would have gifts to unwrap. Y'all are wonderful, thoughtful ladies who I am honored to have as a friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  

Mojo Monday - #273
My Mind's Eye - snowflake paper
DCWV - Shimmer Stack
Cricut - Winter Woodland cartridge, p. 32
hand stitching, french knots
rub on sentiment, ribbon - misc.
EK Success - dimensional sticker ( orange dot )
Reminisce - white pen
American Craft - Marvy marker
Helmar's 450 ( for ribbon )
Aleene's Tacky Glue ( for everything else )


BJ said...

Aw Sandee, HUGS sweetie, didn't realise you were on your own. Can't see you linked up yet on WOYWW but thanks for your comment. I can get lonely too despite living with DH and DS, but so glad I have my crafty friends here in blogland to keep me company. Extra big HUGS - BJ #15

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Mary Pat Siehl said...

how sweet to have scrappy friends like that!!

your card is adoarable

V Marie Creations said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from a fellow scrapper in Texas. Hope you have blessings abound in 2013.

Sunshine Girl said...

Glad to hear that your friends looked after you - they are lovely to have arent they. Hope you have a nice new year too. Love the card you have made, I havent joined in with Mojo Monday for a while but will do again soon. Thanks for visiting me. Sunshine Girl x

Krisha said...

What wonderful gifts on that work desk. With out my WOYWW friends and blog friends I too feel lonely as my family do not understand my art and have never visited my blog. They just say I'm crafty and go about life. You have a STANDING invitation to come to my house in CA for ANY holiday or just because you want to!!
What fun would that be?
Krisha #48

Francesca said...

What a lovely stash to receive, beautiful colours. wishing you a happy New Year love francesca #28

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Sandee, I am sending you the biggest hug ever. Thank you for being so supportive to me this year, I really appreciate you blogging friendship, truly.
I wish you much happiness for 2013'

okienurse said...

Collection of lots of fun stuff on your desk today! I especially likes the sparklies! Very colorful, my precious! Holidays are fun times for most but for some of us they just aren't as fun as they could or used to be. I miss the big celebrations with friends and family while at the same time thankful that the holidays aren't as chaotic! Love the bundle up card. I don't think I know what Mojo Monday is...Hope you are having Happy Holidays and enjoying the season. Thanks for dropping by my desk! Vickie #4

Neet said...

Is n't it lovely to have friends who make wonderful gifts for one. Glad you had those lovelies to open on Christmas Morn.
Hope 2013 is kind to you when it comes along.
Neet xx 3

Julia Dunnit said...

Sandee I was touched to receive your card, so kind of you to think of me at such a use time. I didn't kow that'd be year come over to the erm, downs of Wiltshire and we can properly visit!

Anne said...

Sending you lots of hugs Sandee and sorry that it is a lonely time for you. The gifts on your desk are fabulous and so happy you had them to open. Hugs Anne x #54

JoZart Designs said...

Hey Sandee
You may be in the house by yourself but you'll never be alone with the whole wide world out here and with so many thinking of you. Just look at those treats from those special lovely people and only because you are so nice and deserve them.
I'm not waving back this time but I AM sending a HUGE cyber hug from Liverpool, England, all the way to North Carolina!
Lots of love Jo x
Hey... you can keep that snow!!

Words and Pictures said...

Golly - what amazing crafting friends, and what amazing gifts they've shared with you! Love Craftyblogland for its generosity and fabulous creativity. Continuing good wishes for the festive season, and happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Spyder said...

Lovely Christmas pressie stash!! I had glue!! (and a die cut) well i always need glue!! Happy WOYWW

Nan G said...

Lovely gift from even lovelier friends! My blog friends have helped me thru a very tough Christmas (being a onesy, myself). Wishing you a Happy New Year! Nan 44

Darnell said...

I love your Mojo Monday card, Sandee and thanks for sharing all the beautiful creations!

I hope that the new year will bring you much happiness to fill those sad places. You are well-loved, that's for sure!!

Thanks for coming by the Playhouse! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #53

Hettie said...

Aren't friends wonderful? They are the family you get to choose yourself. You had some wonderful gifts and your card is lovely :-)
waving hi from the vry damp hills of Wales :-)

KatzElbows said...

I had an on my own Christmas this year. I'm sure there are other crafters out there doing the same. Maybe next year we should do an online crafternoon. I have no idea how it would work, but we have a year to figure it out.

Happy new year when it comes,
Rachel #26

Racu said...

Hey, Sandee--thanks for stopping by Madame Bizarro's World. I'm one of those really bizarre people who likes to be left alone on holidays (go figure), but am sad to hear you're by yourself, that's no fun. But...glad to hear the WOYWWers sent you fun stuff to open!! (we had nary a present under our tree--first time there's been nothing at all, even for my son..oh well)

Anyway, thanks for the lovely comment and here's to a better 2013 for you! <3

Nan B #49

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. I couldn't leave any comments yesterday, as our broadband was playing up. What a beautiful selection of crafty gifts. There are so many talented people in this crazy crafty bloggy world! Ali x #5

Anonymous said...

Look at the goodies! I sorry your Christmas was sad:( It is nice that out blog friends can warm our hearts at this time:) Happy WOYWW! Late! Lindsay #60

Katie said...

I'm so sorry your Christmas was sad. But I am happy to hear that you had packages to open and such special handmade gifts to enjoy on Christmas morning!

Queen Lightwell said...

Such a sweetie, you are! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a helpful comment...I am leaning towards painting it because it really does just seem too rustic for the overall look that I was going for. But I ordered a TH distress dauber in white from Oh My and its not here yet so...that means I'll have to dig something else out to paint it with! Ugh. :) They(OMC) are running a super sale but they also aren't shipping until January, I don't think, so it won't even be here anytime soon. Oh, the patience I am developing! lol I thought your definition thingy was especially informative today. Christmas is an interesting holiday in that it has such pagan roots and has been transformed so much over the years, and from when the Catholics first adopted it and turned it into a Catholic holiday, in an effort to convert the pagans to Catholicism. (I'm not Catholic.)
Anyways, I ramble! :) Or do I digress? Well, I hope your day is much lovelier today than it sounds like your Tuesday was. At least its out of the way now, right? ;)
Thanks again for visiting me already and being such a sweetie...
Big hugs! :)
Deeyll #62

Sandi McLean said...

Thanks for coming my way! My bloggy friends have certainly kept me with a generally happy and healthy outlook while I have been housebound for the most part these last six months. Looks like a lovely little stash you received :) Sandi #36 New follower here and on Pinterest!

voodoo vixen said...

Christmas is always so much about the fun and laughter and being with folk that the person who lives alone is forgotten and I am so glad that you saved your parcels to make your day special and honestly, nobody is completely alone if they have the internet and some lovely people on the end of it. Annette #19

Princess Judy Palmer said...

See, then! What you need to do is find people with family holiday horror stories and then can gloat in your alone-ness! What a nifty idea, saving your parcels to open on Christmas morning to make it special. And what great friends you have to brighten your day! I hope your day was excellent!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Sandee,

The holidays are tough for me too. Maybe next year we should go on a cruise....... waddya think?!?


Eliza said...

The holidays are really tough for me too but that is because I am trying to juggle the work situation my staff as we work Christmas day too. Then there are the people that I celebrate the day with that I have to prepare for and this is usually at a cost of sleep for me. Probably nothing like what you have gone through I am sure. It is nice to know that you have cyber friends and people that blessed your day in more ways than one. You are special to many, remember that and you are one of my favorite people to visit, if I had of known you were like this I would of made a special effort even with my crazy schedule.

Belated greetings and Happy New Year.

Eliza #63

MiniOwner said...

Happy New year from Elvis Pointy Shoes.
aka Sue x (MiniOwner@34)

Anonymous said...

Sandee, I've posted pics of the doll house here: It is really big -- for comparison's sake, my daughter is about 4'7" tall and she barely clears the roof. lol What lovely things your friends sent you for Christmas. Looking out my window at more snow here in upstate NY, sending wishes for happy crafting and a Happy New Year to the hills of NC. :) (Thanks for visiting!) ~ Laura #39

Andrea said...

thanks for visiting and sorry its so late been busy with xmas and work.. definitely been a juggling act. I'm sending you a big hug and hope your christmas was a happy event...sorry to hear you were on your own. but also sounds like you have friends and people who care for you.. I've found blogging to be the most wonderful world to be a part of and met some very kind people that are truly inspirational. What lovely gifts from your friends, I hope you have wonderful 2013 ..BIG hugs Andrea x

Kezzy said...

How lovely that all the crafters you know made the day special, it amazes me the support everyone gives, I feel blessed to be known as a crafter as everyone supports each other through this community :-). I shall be putting on my blog tomorrow how I managed to melt my heat gun and pictures!!!! Happy Woyww :-) Kerry xxx