Wednesday, November 7, 2012

camera-shy: adjective

unwilling or afraid to be photographed or filmed
I am puppy sitting again for my brother, this time for 6 days!! yipee...poor Max, though, is not use to having his picture taken so much ! He did pretty well at first...
But now I am getting pictures like this...which makes me laugh at his expense...poor baby, he is becoming camera-shy! He sees my camera and runs off now! :(
Christmas give away
So to draw the name of the winner for my Christmas give away, I tossed all the names on the floor and after 4 tries, one name made it into the bowl....very scientific, I know....and I don't want to spoil the surprise, so watch the VERY short video :)
 (excuse the grunt..or is a groan? when I had to bend down to open it up....gawd I am getting old!! )

If the winner would contact me at
please put Christmas winner in the subject line and make sure to include your address :)
You have one week to claim your prize!
 If this person does not contact me, then I'll just send it to someone else!

If you came from WOYWW to see my desk...well, not a whole lot to look at as I am at my brother's house, but I did bring along some Christmas cards to address for a card swap in one of my groups.
If you would like to exchange a Christmas card with me, please drop me a line with your address at:
Put WOYWW Christmas card in the subject line and make sure to include your address and I'll send mine to you!
Have fun today....I know I will!


Kalea Wavedancer said...

Poor pup.

sandra de said...

What a wonderful way of picking a winner and with sound effects. Loved it far better than random generator!!
Sandra @10

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Dog sitting can be fun, and your shy little guy looks like he's either sheepish, or feel mistreated. Poor fella. But I bet you will have fun with Max for days to come, and I'm sure by the end of the time, he'll forget about that camera. Oh wait!!! That didn't work with Bleubeard, so it may not work with Max!!

scrappymo! said...

That little dog is so darned cute...You have been buy fussy cutting...looks good!

TwinkleToes2day said...

LOVE the scientific name choosing :-D
Well done Barb!!
Max is so very cute, shame he's gone camera shy, hehe :0) Mo x

Helen said...

Well done to Barb. Love the cards - I am getting round to making some too, but currently to send not swap! Helen

BJ said...

You seem to have made a start with your Christmas Cards at least. I guess I have managed about half I need so far having surveyed the Christmas box last night and counting some left from last year too. Thanks for stopping by my desk today (why don't you leave your number? I make a special effort for you but tend not to bother replying to others if they don't!!) BJ#30

Sunshine Girl said...

We are a funny bunch us crafters arent we - wherever we go be it a relatives house or a hotel we always take something to make with us dont we! Love the dog pictures too. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 54

VonnyK said...

Awww, that would have to be the cutest puppy I've seen. That little face saying no more photos. Just gorgeous. Lucky Barb winning, I like the way you did the draw. Plain and simple but effective.
Have a great week.
Von #39

CraftygasheadZo said...

Oooh cute dog. I love the one of him peering out under the table! So sweet. Great video too, fab to hear your voice and your accent! Take care. Zo xx 82

Mary Pat Siehl said...

ok that little win is just way too cute!! love it

looks like some fun cards!

wwilloww said...

Poor Max will never be the same. Does your brother know you are torturing his baby??? LOL... I love your scientific way of picking a winner!!! So glad I follow your blog. No, really, I am...rofl

Katie said...

Aw, poor Max! He is adorable though!

I hope you have fun at your brother's house!

Redanne said...

Hi Sandee, Max is such a cutie - he looks like he has done something very naughty the way he is peeking out from under that table though...... Hope you have a great week with him. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Eliza said...

He is really shy of the camera now, poor baby. loved the short video, it was really short. Cards look interesting, you need to show more of them.

Hugs Eliza

Bridget Larsen said...

opps I'd better get a hurry on and make my xmas card for you lol its creeping up quickly this xmas day, love your snowman cards
Bridget #8

Laura said...

Such a sweet pup!

Barb King said...

Yeah, I'm the winner!!!! Thanks so much, Sandee, I will email you my address. Have a great week!

Queen Lightwell said...

You have got some mad name drawing skillz! lol :) Much funner than a random number generator, for sure. Hope you're enjoying the stay at your brothers...his dog is too cute! Glad you have something to keep your hands busy too. Take care!
Deeyll #88 :)

fairy thoughts said...

Ah who says dogs dont talk..... that face says a thousand words to me.... cute baby. Love the short video a very novel way of choosing . . . brill!
Have a great crafty week
janet #25

Anne said...

Great way to choose a winner. That dog is sooooooooo cute. Happy WOYWW Anne x #91

trisha too said...

Well that was fun, Sandee!

Wow, I'm just not brave enough to offer to send all the woywwers cards, you're amazing!

#129ish this week

Lunch Lady Jan said...

How lovely to hear your voice! And what a great way of picking the winner :)
The shy dog made me laugh - he's not happy, is he??
LLJ #58 xx

Bernice said...

Hope you enjoy your doggy sitting - he looks like he's feeling a bit sorry for himself in the second photo!
Bernice #123

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Love your video that captures your very scientific method of name drawing! Does puppy come around when you pull out the camera but then shy away when you point it her way? That is what Poppy does. I guess as much as I try to ignore it, Christmas is coming regardless. Maybe I'll make a card. Or two even. But let's not get crazy...

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Sandee,

Ha! I like the throwing of the names and one landing in the bowl! Very cool.

My little Katie is camera shy too. Don't know if it's the flash that gets her or what. Have fun house/dog sitting for your brother.

Hugs, Kay #5

May said...

Poor wee Max...he's Gorgeous!!! Love the way you choose the winner.. great idea.. Happy Max sitting & Christmas card making... Hugs May x x x

Kristin said...

Hi Sandee!
What a great way to announce the winner - congratulations and thank you for sharing your camera shy puppy pictures with us, loved them! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Enough already! When's my Papa coming home???!!

Brenda 3

Craftychris said...

Aw Max is so cute! Congratulations to Barb, what a fun way to pick a winner xx

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Aww such a cutie!

Neet said...

What a fab way to do the draw! Great! Even the groan (I know what you mean).
Lovely Crimbo things on display and what a cutey Max is, love how he hid.
Thanks for visiting me - have a lovely weekend.
Hugs, Neet x 43

Ann B said...

Sorry I'm very late getting round the desks this week - very busy couple of days, but I'm here now to say thanks for visiting me.
Sorrels says to tell Max that he is adorable, if a little camera shy
Ann B

Julia S-W said...

Hi Sandee. Sorry I've been absent for a little while (feels like ages!). That little dog is drop dead cute and I love the second picture when he's under the table - if looks could kill!
Fab way to choose a winner - don't think any of mine would have gone in the dish as I can't throw for toffee! Loved hearing someone else grunt as they tried to get up - comes to us all I fear!
Have fun with cutey pie Max and a wonderful weekend.

Lindsay Weirich said...

nice to see you crafting away from home:) Happy woyww! Lindsay #16

Amy E said...

What a neat idea to exchange Christmas cards with other WOYWWers!

Your brother's puppy if absolutely adorable!!

Amy E. #41

Cardarian said...

Ah that puppy is just soooo cute - he could come home with me anytime!
Love your Christmas cards - I haven't done many - I complicate too much so its going very slow!
Enjoy your puppy sitting!
Lots of hugs,