Saturday, March 24, 2012

perch: noun

any temporary resting place for a person or thing

I thought about it for days trying to figure out a way to display my newly decorated watering can on my back porch and finally it dawned on me to use ribbon to suspend it from the railing so that it would appear tilted like it's in use. And I added a dab of hot glue for reinforcement to make sure it perched just I love this! You can go to this post if you want to see how I made it or the Cricut cuts that I used!

Really Reasonable #44 Spring with ribbon theme

And speaking of backyards, which leads me into the wild life, and as many of you know I love to take pictures of them. I have 3 elusive birdies out there, a Red Bellied Woodpecker, an American Redstart and a Cardinal. Now I know that most of you will think, OK, I understand the first 2, but a Cardinal? Yes! This silly little bird will NOT pose in a good place LONG enough for me to get a decent shot. ..sigh....doesn't he know all the adjustments I have to make to my camera to get a close up shot of him? Well, so far, this is as good as it's gotten! ( grammar alert, I know )
Look at him, he's looking right at ME! I swear he's laughing too while hiding behind that branch! I'll get you my little pretty! One day!


May said...

The cardinal is Gorgeous, thats a pretty good pic to me, WOW!! I have never seen anything like him before.....and to see him in your garden is fab.. I just love your watering can and I love how you displayed it "very clever", Big Hugs May x x x x x

Redanne said...

Oh thank you Sandee, I have not seen a cardinal since I left Canada over 40 years ago. He is spectacular!

Pat N. said...

Love your watering can, Sandee. It looks great the way you displayed it. And your photo of the cardinal is wonderful! I could never get a good closeup of ours. It's perfect! TFS!--Pat N.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

We have a cardinal who visits. Those birds will not sit still. Very twitchy. We also have a hawk who hunts from our bird feeder so the twitch is understandable.

Becky said...

How fantastic is that watering can! Such a fun way to display it!! Love the pic of the cardinal :)

Cheryl Walker said...

nice!!! very different way to display your can :)
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