Friday, March 16, 2012


to try to equal or surpass somebody or something that is successful or admired

Well I am not trying to surpass anyone, just using their wonderful ideas to spur my creativity. I found this color palette on Pinterest and fell in love with it for my balcony. It is evolving into a mountain rustic shabby chic area that I adore and I guess I have been working to this moment for quite awhile.  I have been collecting really old dilapidated bird houses and I have some great rustic pieces that I have been able to work into the plants. It is covered from the elements, gets a little morning sun and then I have shade on it for a large portion of the day. I love my porch.
Anyway, this is the color palette:
If you click on the picture it will take you to the blog from where it came from.
( Always recognize and give credit )
Now the first project to receive this delicious color palette are my garden bunnies. They have, since 1999 existed in the garden ( hence the name ) and they would get pulled out once a year ( around Easter, you guessed it ) washed and then white washed, and placed on the front stoop of the house to greet everyone. And sometimes they might have an Easter egg tucked beside them or a pot of flowers.

But usually that was about it. I forgot to take a picture of the "momma" bunny before I renovated her, but here is a picture of the "baby" bunny and you can tell they led a hard life out in the garden regardless of the once a year "bath" and white wash.

But now, their status has been upgraded, they now are porch bunnies and instead of just a bath and white wash, they got a deluxe spa treatment. First I washed them in warm soapy water, dried, and then began with 2 coats of gesso. Then taking the colors from my palette I applied a light grey coat of  paint, followed with some shading from the dusky purple tones and then highlighted with the muted pink, finished momma bunny off with a pretty Really Reasonable Ribbon satin sage colored bow with a Prima flower and baby bunny got flower and butterfly rub ons. Both have had 3 coats of clear acrylic spray to keep them looking pretty.

Entering this in Really Reasonable Ribbon challenge: #44 Spring with ribbon!

And it is pouring down rain, definitely a March shower coming in like a lion, thundering and lightning to boot. I wish it wasn't lightening cause I love to sit out there when it rains, but my chairs are metal and I don't feel like chancing it!! My next project to tackle is going to be the water can that has stonecrop in it, Need to paint it before it grows! And to figure out a way to show it off, I am not liking the way it looks....any suggestions?

OK, now over at It's on the tip of my tongue, Sarah is asking everyone to post the projects that they create having been inspired by Pinterest! Cute, huh? So take a moment while pinning to actually create something that made you feel all creative and wishful and let us see! I can't wait to go look around and see what everyone has been up to!


CraftygasheadZo said...

Love those bunnies! Zo xx

Mary Pat Siehl said...

very very cute

Ann B said...

How pretty are those bunnies? I almost expected to see them hop off, so realistic. Love your colour palette.

Ann B

Katy said...

Wow!! Those bunnies look awesome!! To see the original baby bunny and the finished one--very awesome!

Kati said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog, Kati's Little Corner! To answer your question, the pineapple whips were delicious! They were really light and and a little thinner than soft serve icecream. The flavor was good. I was thinking that they would also be good if I used other fruit such as peach, blueberry, raspberry, etc. instead of pineapple.

Pat N. said...

Wow, the bunnies must have loved their spa treatment. Great job Sandee! They're so pretty now!--Pat N.

505whimsygirl said...

Oh, do love your bunnies! Although I think the patina of them being outside is nice too.

I've "pinned" lots of things - tomorrow I'll go through and choose something and make seomthing.

Have a great weekend!


Bonnie Garby said...

What a wonderful 'bunny-makeover! What a wonderful addition to your porch. Thanks so much for participating in our Really Reasonable Ribbon Challenge.

buglvr2010 said...

Your bunnies are fabulous! Thanks for joining us at Really Reasonable Ribbon!