Saturday, April 7, 2018


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The collaboration
First we were partnered up with a team member and each person in the group began a piece. (That could be laying down a base coat of color, sketching a design, prepping the surface, or anything else we agreed upon in our discussions with our partner.) Next, each person swapped their prepped pieces with the other member(s) of their group. Finally, each person finished the prepped piece that was mailed to them. Each person is now posting the piece they finished to their respective websites.

The partner
My partner was Heather Thompson who created a lovely monochromatic textured background for me to work with. Having an all white background really allowed the colors to leap off the canvas! I loved all the molding and crackle paste that she used, it was exactly what I wanted!

I attached the bird ( which I just LOVE ) to the top of the frame and it really creates a 3-D effect to my art. I guess I could have trimmed down his feet but I just adore the oversized feet on him, lol They're kinda goofy in the most adorable sense!
( I colored tissue paper with spray inks and glued them onto the bird )

 I drilled holes through the wood frame and the bird came with wires attached to him so I threaded the wires through the holes and tied them off.
( Heather stamped the eyes on the back of the canvas, it's like she just knew I was going to putting the bird there. I thought that was so cute!! )

The heart and flame come as 2 seperate parts so I glued them together and covered the area with some pearls to hide the seam. The flame was painted with acrylic paint 

The heart is covered with red tissue paper which I stamped on first and then glued it on. The wings are also painted and attached with glue to the canvas.

I just love the little banner that I stamped the Namaste word on and I popped it up for dimension.
Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots
Washi tape is the easiest way to add lots of fun without doing much work! I think it really finished off the piece.
Small Starry Nights Washi tape


Jean said...

What a lovely piece! That background is so pretty and I love all of your elements.

Lynda Shoup said...

Sandee, I simply LOVE this piece! What a great collaboration. It is seamless. The namaste does finish it off so well.

Katie Jeanne said...

So creative!! Really love this piece. :)

Gillena Cox said...

This is a great collaborative piece. Thanks for letting us know the behind the scenes too. Wonderful


DVArtist said...

This is really a lovely piece. Well done and I love the colors.

ann barnes said...

This piece is so beautiful! I love all the details throughout. the colors are wonderful and the starrry night tape is such a great finishing touch!

Unknown said...

Beautiful piece! I think you and Heather worked perfectly together!

RubberMoon said...

Your attention to detail is just wonderful and I absolutely love love the words you chose on the heart! Everything about this inspires me! I just love the way you FUSED!! Thank you for a wonderful collab and share! xokp