Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Winter Wreath to chase away the "blahs"

This year I'm gonna' chase away the winter blahs 

 with my beautiful, brightly colored Sari ribbon wreath.

It was very easy to do, I just wrapped the ribbon around a styrofoam wreath base and used straight pins to hold it in place. The peacock feather quill was slipped in between the wrapped Sari trim and the flower stem was simply pushed into the styrofoam base. Voilà, color me done!

This Sari ribbon has so many uses! The possibilities are endless, I bet you can think of some wonderful ways to use it!

 I could see using this trim to use as garland on your Christmas trees!

Or to decorate a table runner for a Holiday dinner party!

It makes my eyes light up every time I see it, although it won't be "officially" hung up for display until after Christmas.
 I do hope it brings a smile to all that pass through my door!

Check HERE to see what your front door says about you.
Even though I can't paint my front door a color I applied their results
to my wreath.
"According to Dionysian theory, a multi-colored door wreath indicates that a person of creative happiness” lives inside." 👍 check!

and then I really had a good laugh because:

"You are: Eclectic, joyful, meticulous. 
You didn’t score well on your math SATs, 
but you were the art teacher’s pet."
nailed it!  😎 

Gwen has many beautiful, eclectic and colorful selections
to help you express yourself!
So go ahead, tell the world who you are...I triple dog dare you!


Jean said...

How pretty! My front door says boring:)

Lynda Shoup said...

Great project. I love seeing the close up pictures. The peacock feather makes it particularly festive. I can see how this will be a great way to cheer up January when all the decorations come down.

I looked at the quiz and didn't find a door that matched mine. Although if I take half white (no salmon to contrast) and half glass I'd be about right. Ok, here goes " Probably from Norway. You’re complex and a deep thinker who takes an inordinately long time to answer Trivial Pursuit questions." mixed with "Open-minded, friendly, and gregarious. You often greet the Fed Ex delivery driver in your robe and scuffs."

Does that mean that it takes a long time for me to find my robe and scuffs when the Fed Ex delivery driver delivers a package from Norway?

Gwen Lafleur said...

This is so cool! I love this idea for using the sari ribbon! I rent, so my front door isn't my choice, but I would have been multi-colored or the Marrakech one :D

Jackie PN said...

Sandee, your wreath is so beautiful! It totally reminds me of my favorite era- the mod and funkie 60-70's! Kind of folkish but with jut enough shimmer from that feather- great addition!!You are so right, this Sari is just fabulous to work with and I love the idea you shared of using it on a tree!! Clever!
Jackie xo