Wednesday, June 28, 2017

May #ARTifact - Sunshine reveal

May was a very busy month with the Bearfootin' Bear reveal held downtown. The weather was lovely and lots of people showed up for the annual event. If you want to see all the pictures leading up to the reveal I've posted the video I made of it. I'll add the summer and auction pictures to it later on after it's all over.

My #Artifact page in my TP booklet 😘

The cover is from a stenciled paper using the StencilGirl club stencil from April. If you look closely you will that it's the ACTUAL stencil...I really messed up destroyed my stencil, but I'll talk about that another day, sigh.

On my inner tag ( and no, my typing has NOT improved ) I glued a picture of "Sunshine" that I cut out from the brochures that they print out to hand out to the tourist or well, anyone who wants to locate them all on the sidewalks along the store fronts.

I am linking up to Seth Apter's #ARTifacts on his blog:
The Altered Page


Jean said...

Can't wait to hear more about the stencil. THis is fun!

Pam said...

WOW,WOW,WOW Sunshine is AWESOME! I loved watching the process from bare canvas to the bright and beautiful creation Sunshine is now! TV coverage, how exciting! I can say, I knew her when. Seriously, You did a wonderful job creating Sunshine!

Anne Rita Taylor said...

Hey Sandee! I received Seth Apter's email and was so happy to see your artwork on there - Congratulations! I said to myself - I know her! What fun!