Thursday, March 23, 2017

Archetype: Spirit Animals ( Crow )

 I'm up on StencilGirls Throw Back Thrusday today and I picked the Three Crows stencil designed by Kimberly Baxter Packwood who was inspired by crows that played happily on the roof of her house. The crows gathered crabapples from the ground then flitted up to the roof where they dropped the crabapples just to watch them roll off the roof.

I created a small booklet that is inserted into my larger journal. The first crow was stenciled using ColourArte's shimmering Twinkling H20's watercolors and I just love all that shimmer and shine that shows through!

The middle insert talks about the crow as a spirit animal archetype. Mary Beth Shaw turned me onto this book: Art Journal Your Archetype: Mixed Media Techniques for finding yourself which I really loved because I learned so much about myself.
( And yes, you can find the awesome Mary Beth Shaw from StencilGirl in this book too! )

The next crow was created by tracing the image onto some cardstock which I then added some brown ink over it to distress it some and cut it out and glued it onto the paper. I really like the writing used as a grounding tool.

And as you can tell, I have been enjoying my manual typewriter too. It's been a lot of fun to insert my art and type my journaling. I'm sure you will be seeing more of this technique in my art and lots of typos too, lol

And yes, there are 3 crows on the stencil, I'm saving the third one as a surprise ;)
three crows stencil kimberly packwood

Hope you are having a wonderful day, thanks for stopping by!


Unknown said...

CROWS!!! I love the stencil.. You always know the best ways to showcase that creativity!!!

Barbara Rankin said...

This is so pretty, and I love the way you colored these birds. You always do such pretty work.

Jean said...

Very cool.

Gabrielle said...

Thank you for mentioning my book and glad it was beneficial for you!
You art work is lovely. The manual typewriter font really makes the page and your birds are so lovely!
I really dig the bent over crow stencil.

Craftychris said...

I love this crow stencil and I adore the way you have coloured both of your crows! The manual typewriting is so cool too!

Ineke said...

Nice art work@