Friday, February 19, 2016

Forms of inspiration

Inspiration can hit you on so many different levels and for my project I created this week for Helmar I was inspired by a couple of things.
1. Snow.
The big snow we had several weeks ago where we got up towards 14" which is pretty major to us here in the south. Personally, I love these rare snowfalls and mostly enjoy looking at everything from inside my home. I did venture outdoors one day and the snow was up to my knees, needless to say it was a short lived adventure!
2. Lent.
Usually, Lent means trying to give up a food but somewhere I read about going through your closet and finding something to give away to a thrift shop. Clean out and donate an item every day, and while I found that fairly easy to follow I also discovered a stained sweater that I had to get rid of but couldn't donate so that leads us to inspiration ...

3. Pinterest.
To turn an old sweater into a toboggan or a knit cap, beanie, whatever you want to call them. We use to call them toboggans as a kid, I think they call them beanies nowadays. Anyway, no matter what you call it, it's my project over on Helmar today...
oh, and did I mention that I don't sew?


Pam said...

Can't wait to see your toboggan, knit cap, beanie! Sewing is EASY!
Pam said...

I think you guys got more snow then we did all winter.. lol