Saturday, October 3, 2015

artcation - day 6

We had the best ( and only ) great day by the pool. It started off cool and breezy but it warmed up nicely. Anna and I took advantage and headed down to the pool area with our sketch books and supplies. As you can see, we were one of the first people down there.

The empty pool chairs and the closed umbrellas just symbolized that we were there during the off season and how empty the resort was in October! 

On the bright side, we didn't have to fight crowds and it was very nice and quiet too. If we just had better weather, but, I won't complain since we didn't have the rain event that is happening my poor North Carolina. I'm wondering if my Fairy Lodge by the creek will still be there or if it got washed away.

Later, the sun came out and I actually crawled out from under the umbrella and laid out in the sun and Anna and I actually got into the pool for awhile, although the hot tub was still better, and that's where we ended up lol The resort did have a cookout with some live music to make for a perfect afternoon!

Then we went out to dinner at Pineapple Willeys, which is a cool pier restaurant right out on the beach. This was our view to the right...when we first arrived.

Usually, weather permitting you can have dinner along with a beautiful sunset, but because of the weather, this was all we got...yep, this was the high point of the sun, lol

And by the time we finished, this was the view from the left...

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Anna said...

It was a wonderful day to sit by the pool and sketch! Can't believe this week has gone by so fast!