Saturday, December 20, 2014

Home Decor favorites

I've been asked to pick a favorite home decor project.
This is very hard for me to do as I love them all, but I managed to narrow down the group to this and I collaged the pictures together so it's not too overwhelming for you to look at. ( hopefully )

The Balcony
1. Since I love writing quotes, this one is my top favorite. Maybe because it's on my back porch and that is my favorite place too. I repainted the set ( 2 chairs and the table ) I love to prop my feet up and do some sketching in my art journal.

2. Also on my balcony is an old watering can that I repainted so that it would match my pastel but vibrant color scheme. I absolutely love this humorous sentiment, it just makes me smile while I am out tending my shade loving plants.

3. And who can resist a fairy garden? I took some damaged ceramic mushroom flower stakes and an odd clay saucer and made it into this display. Perfect for my moss garden and any visiting fairies who might want to sit a spell.
4, My neighbor was downsizing and gave me an old garage style step stool. I loved upcycling it into a great side table to hold my sweet tea and plenty of space underneath for seed packets and the occasional garden tool.
5. And lastly, little touches like giving an old clay pot and uplifting re-do adds a little charm to the balcony with some whimsical butterflies for a shabby chic look. My hens and chicks look very posh now!

1. Nothing can brighten up the bathroom space faster than a stylish makeover for your old cabinet. A little paper and paint does speak volumes.

2. I gave my switch plate covers a little mixed media decoration to complete my country charm theme!

I have so many more projects to work on, how about you?


Carole Z said...

A fabulous selection of home decor projects Sandee! Yes I too have lots on the go! Hugs Carole Z xx

Pam said...

They are all wonderful projects!

505whimsygirl said...

Love all these projects!!! I'm sorry I haven't been by in a while. I was transferred to a new job and I'm on the computer almost all day long so the last thing I want to do is get on my computer at home. I'll have to make a schedule for myself and just do it! Look at all I've missed out on!!!!