Thursday, March 6, 2014


The distinctive technique in which an artist uses to apply paint with a brush onto a medium, such as canvas.
I went down to South Carolina to see my great-nephew Pierson, he is such a little cutie pie and I love his Superman poses! But then I think this kid may be Superman as he is already lifting his head, rolling over onto his side and tracking the movements of people. Yes, I saw all of this while I was down there, amazing for a month old baby to be doing all of that so soon!

Being away for 3 days I had to immerse myself back into drawing as soon as I got home. Some of my group have been doing Becca's doodle girl drawing and it felt great to do a fun project like this.

I used the left over Magicals to create a wash for her skin tone. So basically I cleaned off my brush each time onto her face. With all that colored hair it seemed unusual for her to have regular color skin! lol

The Sakura pens wrote over all the Magicals extremely well, I am continued to be impressed with this pen. Sometimes it is hard to find something that will write over micas and shimmery things without messing up the tips. 

entering my journal page in:

I used Magicals : Cotton Candy Pink, TiffanyLou's Blue, Milk Chocolate Brown, Dark Chocolate Brown, Ponderosa Pines Olive

SILKS Acrylic Glaze - African Jade

Twinkling H20,s - Dragonfire
( Comparing the Twinks to the Magicals: Both have fabulous shimmer but you don't have to wait for the Magical pot to dry out, or have to worry about the cap of the pot adhering itself to the rim if it gets tilted while drying out...the winner is Magicals! )

Sakura - Gellyroll pens


Granny Korner Craftingwithartgrandma said...

love this blog Sandee, and thank you for your help with the pens. I have a white Gelly Roll o8 that is new and wont write so I am trying the heatgun today and see what happens.
Love that big eyed great nephew he is so cute and cuddly.
leaving my love print on you page. <3 <3

Marlene said...

I love this, she looks free and easy! The colors are fabulous and the doodles just put it over the top! You never cease to amaze me.

Anna said...

What a little cutie!!!

Love your doodle girl! I like how you used your left over paint for her skin. It makes it match and blend perfectly.

Diario Carnivoro said...

Love all the details!

Sandy said...

Awww what a sweet little guy and love the superman pose.. The girls are such fun to do aren't they.. Love your girl its fun how they all look so different.. Love all the little details on her face and that her skin is multicoloured..
Awesome job
Sandy :)

Vicki said...

I think you should frame her. She is precious. The pen did you use a "BLACK" one or are you talking about the white one. I am having a pen delimia like most and just want to have the right one for the right job.

Meggymay said...

Fabulous page, love the hair and the colour wash for her face looks great. Sweet baby photo as well.
Yvonne x

Unknown said...

Love it, great job on all the tangling. Looks wonderful and I love how you wiped the brush on her face each time.

Carole Z said...

What a fab page Sandee, gorgeous colours! Glad you had a good time visiting and your photo of little Superman is beautiful! Hugs Carole Z X

Marion Armitage said...

Always such fun when visiting those tiny ones...
Love your page and he tangles are great.. lots of detail.. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Jean said...

What a cutie! Love your girl! These are so cool!

Pat N. said...

What a sweet baby! Love the hair on that girl! Cool.