Friday, July 10, 2015

Weekly Shout Out

I'm going to start doing a weekly shout out for the people who consistently leave me comments on my blog. They may not know how much that is appreciated, but I sure want them to know.
This week's shout out goes to an awesome online friend, Pam Danner from Scrap-n-Sew Granny. Not only is she an excellent card maker ( her daughter is getting ready to have a baby! )

And she sews!! She has made the CUTEST baby apparel!! Her daughter is so lucky to have her! You need to check out the other baby bibs too, can we say super sweet! That baby is going to be the best dressed baby ever!

But she also is a wonderful artist ( she claims I inspired her but I think she inspires me more! ) Just look how cute and whimsical this piece is!!

I love going to Pam's blog to visit her, you never know what she has been up to!! Thank you Pam for always visiting my blog and leaving me some cheer along the way, I hope we get to meet one day!
 In the meantime, please stop by her blog and say hello!


Jean said...

Love these!

Pam said...

Oh Sandee, thank you so much! You actually made me cry. I sometimes feel like no one appreciates or cares about what I do. You are so super sweet and such a wonderful artist, (I am still in awww over your gorgeous bears)! I hope to meet you one day also! Thank you again for your kind words and recognition! I love you my dear friend.

Carole Z said...

These are gorgeous Pam and Sandee, love the sunflower! Hugs Carole Z X

MisS MiKO said...

Wonderful job Pam. Very thoughtful psot Sandee!

Anna said...

Awesome work Pam! Love your Shout Out posts Sandee!